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13-Vendor Food Hall opens in San Gabriel this Thursday with several vegan options


Food halls are a great place to go with friends and colleagues of all food preferences and tastes. Why? People can order whatever they want from any vendor, and then they all get together to eat. In the Los Angeles area, there is the Grand Central Market, Citizen Public Market, and Taste Food Hall, among others. Now there is a new hall in town! Blossom Market Hall will open in San Gabriel this Thursday with several vegan options.

13-Vendor Food Hall located in the historic San Gabriel Mission District

Blossom Market Hall is a 13 vendor food hall located in the historic Mission district of San Gabriel. The building has grown from a Masonic Lodge founded in 1949 to a bustling place where people can eat, admire local art, and relax. The space has ample seating, a wi-fi lounge, art gallery and meeting space, making it an ideal destination for working lunches, study breaks, the GNOs and everything.

The Food Hall was founded by avid foodies Chris and Nellie Tran who decided to start a community space in their hometown that showcased local culinary and creative businesses. “We were inspired to open Blossom Market Hall because we wanted to create a community gathering place and also a place to support local food and creative businesses. Above all, I am and continue to be inspired by all of the talented local chefs and food manufacturers who reside in the area. I want to give them a platform to get started and provide a quality gathering space for the community right here in the San Gabriel Valley, ”explained Nellie Tran.

Vegan options at Blossom Market Hall

The vendors of this foodie hotspot are diverse in their cuisine and backgrounds, and most of them are minority or female. What are the vegan options at Blossom Market Hall? For starters, the all-vegan burger restaurant Spotless Burgers will be there with a full menu of burgers, chicken sandwiches, fries, salads and more. In addition, there are several vegan vendors. Honey & Hive Superfoods will feature vegan superfood bowls and smoothies, Caribbean Gourmet will serve vegan curry with rice and peas and vegan curry with roast, Manduyo will make vegan mushroom and tofu dumplings, Circle Tea Bar will serve boba, vegan fruits, teas and fruit teas, AK Fresh Roast will offer dairy-free milk for its coffee and tea drinks, and last but not least, Rori’s Artisanal Creamery will offer the two permanent vegan ice cream options of Tropical Wild Berry and Passionfruit .

Inauguration of the Blossom Market Food Hall

The official opening of the Blossom Market Food Hall will take place this Thursday, December 9 at 264 S Mission Dr, San Gabriel, CA 91776. For more information, visit