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3 skin care brands under the radar that make great facial moisturizers

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When purchasing new skin care products, you are probably heading to a beauty store as Zipporah Where Ulta. But sometimes you have to branch out a bit to find those additional special formulas that make your skin look and feel amazing.

When my go-to moisturizer ran out earlier this summer, I decided to spend a few weeks exploring other options. There was nothing wrong with the moisturizer, per se; I just wanted to see if I could find some good facial moisturizers from small brands that could benefit more from my money than a mass-market company.

Over the weeks, I didn’t just find one moisturizer that I liked; I found three! Read below why these great facial moisturizers are now part of my skincare rotation.

1. Fleur & Bee crème de la crème, $ 24


Fleur & Bee’s crème de la crème is my new everyday moisturizer. It’s rich, thick and creamy, which is great for my sometimes dry skin. If you are looking for a light cream, this is not the one. But if you want a product that really feels like it hydrates and nourishes your skin all day long, you won’t be disappointed with this one. I have also found that this cream makes my skin brighter and fresher, even when I only sleep for a few hours. Texture aside, I also really like that this cream is made with natural ingredients from sustainable sources, but it doesn’t cost a fortune. I can apply a generous amount to cover my entire face and neck and not stress out when it’s time to buy a new pot because it’s not super expensive.

2. Femmue Ideal Camellia Face Oil, $ 65


i use Femmue Ideal Camellia Face Oil when my skin is very dry (or even scaly) and it works like a charm every time. I sometimes apply it even before bed as a night cream and when I wake up my skin is super glowing and so soft. If you are new to face oil, you should know that a little goes a long way. This is particularly important with this Femmue formula because it is quite expensive. That said, if you can afford to splurge, this Face oil definitely worth it. I can’t wait to use it in the fall and winter to keep my skin hydrated and healthy when the weather is cold and dry.

3. Six gldn essential moisturizer, $ 68


On days when my skin may be a little oily than normal, the Essential Moisturizer by six gldn is what I reach. When I first tried it on it was so light I didn’t think it would do anything. But it actually kept my skin hydrated all day long, and it gave me a pretty dewy finish. I’ll be honest I don’t intend to use this moisturizer every day because my budget does not allow it. But it will definitely be my moisturizer for special occasions like dating or important business meetings because it makes my skin look so healthy and smooth.To stay abreast of the latest beauty trends, popular products and must-haves Sales, subscribe to our Beauty bulletin here.

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