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8 Middle Eastern Herbal Bloggers You Should Know About

We love food, we really love vegan food, and we especially love Middle Eastern vegan food! If you’re bored of the same old avocado toast and green smoothie recipes on your feed, you need to check out our favorite plant-based bloggers from the Middle East. Each content creator on this list pushes the boundaries of delicious desserts, savory dinners, and scrumptious side dishes. We believe that eating vegan can have a thousand and one ways and these eight women are the proof!

1. Nada – An Arab Vegan

Based in Abu Dhabi but originally Egyptian, One Arab Vegan’s Nada consistently comes up with Middle Eastern vegan recipes like Kunafa and Timan Bigila. There’s something for everyone at Nada instagram, whether you have a sweet tooth or enjoy savory dishes made with fresh produce. His website is full of recipes to try and we highly recommend checking out her “About” page to learn more about her journey to veganism! You can also follow her on Youtube and Twitter.


2. Joyce Mrad – Happy Home Cooking


If you love gorgeous food photography and beautiful pastries, you have to go to Joyce Mrad instagram and discover its content. The phrase “too pretty to eat” is illustrated on her page with meticulously decorated cakes, tiny pies, and any other treat you can think of. All her creations are gluten-free, vegan and sugar-free. The recipes are right in the caption, so you can skim through them and see if you have all the ingredients before rushing into the kitchen to cook! You can also consult it website.

3. Luna Issa

Iraqi food blogger Luna is working on veganizing all of her favorite Iraqi dishes. She’ll omit an egg, replace the meat with a vegan alternative, or finish a dish with a dollop of coconut yogurt, making Middle Eastern vegan cooking as easy as it should be. If you’re looking for great ways to incorporate more Middle Eastern cuisine into your life, you need to check it out at instagram.


4. Hala Jay – Hala Shares

We love all of Hala Jay’s work. Not only does she have amazing food photography, but the food also looks delicious. Whether you’re looking for a vegan feta-dusted summer salad or crave gluten-free double chocolate cupcakes, Hala has you covered. She shares the recipe in the caption of each photo on instagram so don’t hesitate to follow her so you don’t miss her next creation!

5. Mana – The Iranian Vegan

Have you ever tasted Iranian cuisine? Well, now you have the chance to do it in your own kitchen by following Mana, the Iranian vegan! His creative twists on traditional Iranian cuisine are tantalizing and inspiring. Our favorite recipe is his vegan Persian lamb shank with bean and dill rice made with oyster mushrooms. Yum! Give him a follow instagram and visit him website to discover all its delicious recipes.

6. Zena Hassoun – Zen and Zaatar

Zena Hassoun has Syrian-Palestinian roots and loves to celebrate her culture with plant-based dishes, but she doesn’t stop there. Followers on instagram and ICT Tac can expect a variety of different types of food, like portobello pizza and seitan piccata. If you want detailed recipes, you can consult it Youtube channel or blog. She also has a great recipe blog and an eBook which are both available on her. website.

7. Janelle – Herbal Folk

There’s a lot to like about Janelle from Plant-Based Folk. Her recipes are innovative and delicious, her food looks scrumptious but not too complicated, and she’s half Lebanese! At Janelle’s instagram bio reads “adapting traditional cooking to vegan cooking” and we think it does a great job of doing just that. Discover it website for more!

8. Sukkari – Life of Sukkari

If you’re looking for information on plant-based nutrition, look no further than Sukkari from Sukkari Life. She shares a lot of food content, especially on her website. But she also enjoys talking and teaching others about the joys of yoga, ethical fashion and vegan living on her. website. We love her positive energy, her ethical approach to life, and her knowledge of plant-based nutrition! You can follow Sukkari on instagram, Twitter, Youtube, ICT Tac.

The world is full of vegans from all corners of the globe who have devoted tremendous time and effort to teaching the world about the joys of plant-based eating. We love the flavors, creativity, and culture infused into these bloggers’ content, so be sure to follow them, give them lots of love and support, and start cooking their gorgeous recipes today!

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