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A bakery opens a shop near the mall

In the first two months, Delicias Cake Shop Cafe saw its business attract new customers after opening in its new location.

The bakery, which is run by Odessan Roy Portillo, is located at 4101 E. 42nd St, Suite 141 in Odessa near the Music City Mall. It is located near Five Guys and Lowe’s Home Improvement.

The store opened last month and since then Portillo says business has been going well.

“Everything went pretty well,” said Portillo. “It’s been very busy. It’s going much better than at the beginning.

Portillo graduated from Permian High School in 2016 before graduating from Odessa College three years later.

His first idea was to open a restaurant. However, it wasn’t long before he changed his mind to open a bakery, as baking was more enjoyable for him.

Delicias Cake Shop Cafe owner Roy Portillo is baking a personalized cake in his bakery kitchen on Saturday, September 25, 2021 in Odessa. (Eli Hartman | American Odessa)

“When I started school, I was thinking of opening a restaurant. It has always been one of my dreams, ”said Portillo. “But when I got my pastry certificate I took these classes and really enjoyed it and thought I had to change my mind and just bake. I think it’s so much fun. It’s really different from the restaurant industry. These take a lot of patience and you have to be very careful with the ingredients because if you mess something up it is going to be problematic. But it’s fun. “

One of the main reasons Portillo chose to open a bakery instead of a restaurant was a slightly better work schedule.

Although Portillo is usually at Delicias, working all day, he says it’s easier than the stress of owning a restaurant.

“Running a restaurant, you’re there 24/7,” Portillo said. “In a bakery, you just need to be there very early to start cooking. The baking industry is easier because you don’t have to be here 24/7. You come to bake and hire someone to take care of customer service (later in the afternoon) so you don’t have to be there all day.

Before moving to his new location, Portillo ran the business from his home.

The bakery offers all kinds of personalized cakes that include most of the iconic flavors such as carrot, vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate.

“We also have a great variety of mini desserts like mini margaritas, chocolate covered in strawberries… We also have a great variety of smoothies and iced coffees,” Portillo said.

Niece of Roy Portillo, Danna Portillo prepares a customer’s order while working at the counter on Saturday, September 25, 2021 at the Delicias Cake Shop Cafe. (Eli Hartman | American Odessa)

The bakery is open everyday from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. and serves breakfast from 7 a.m. to 11 a.m.

The store’s breakfast menu includes the usual items such as donuts, but also kolaches, ham and cheese croissants, as well as avocado toast.

The working day begins at 6 am for Portillo, to finish preparing breakfast.

“We mainly prepare all of our preparations in the evening so that we can come in and start preparing breakfast items,” Portillo said. “We make kolaches for breakfast and Danish donuts. We try to have some of the work already done so that we don’t have to do much in the morning.

One of the shop’s specialties is the tres leches marzipan cake, but another popular item is the tres leches horchata cake, an item that usually wears off quite quickly.

“I know a lot of Hispanics in the area and everyone loves it,” Portillo said of the horchata tres leches cake. “I found a good recipe and have been working on it for a long time. When I first got it we started selling a lot of it and it’s one of our enduring bakery favorites.

They will have cakes available even in slices.

“We make about two, three whole cakes every day and also slices and we run out of it pretty quickly,” Portillo said.

Danna Portillo, right, receives payment from Albert and Joseph Tenorio while working at the counter on Saturday, September 25, 2021 at the Delicias Cake Shop Cafe. (Eli Hartman | American Odessa)

Last month’s opening weekend was a busy one.

“We were giving samples and people were so excited about it because they were like ‘this is so good’,” said Portillo. “It allowed us to be really seen.”

The Portillo bakery is in a busy part of town, located behind the mall and next to other businesses.

“We have pretty good potential in this building,” said Portillo. “We have a lot of traffic from Lowe’s, Five Guys and the mall. … This is a good location. Whenever we were deciding where to open the place, we would look around and think that was the best selection to make.

For Portillo, it’s nice to own your own business. It’s a lot of work but for him it’s worth it.

“I really like having my own business because I like training people because I want people to learn a lot more,” Portillo said. “I’m proud of my team because I coached them like crazy. They can do more than I expect. This is one of the other things that I really like.

Seeing his business grow, Portillo’s advice to anyone looking to work in the baking industry is never to give up.

“If you start from a small thing, you can get bigger,” Portillo said. “We started out on a small storage at home. We stayed there for two years, then I worked in the restaurant business for six years. Don’t give up on your dreams. If you have something in mind, you can do it. It’s not difficult if you focus.

How to find it

  • What: Café of the Delicias pastry shop.
  • Or: Behind the Music City Mall near Five Guys and Lowes.