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Alicia Silverstone distributes meals and books to children of Boyle Heights

The vegan food-sharing event, hosted by the Million Dollar Vegan Global Charity for the Boys & Girls Club of Boyle Heights in East LA, is one of many similar events held around the world as part of a million dollar campaign to promote herbal products. nutrition and supporting underserved communities.

At the event on Friday, June 25, Hollywood actress and bestselling author Alicia Silverstone joined Million dollar vegan distributing 500 freshly prepared vegan meals to children and families at Estrada Courts in Boyle Heights. These meals included delicious mock chicken and mock beef burritos from Sugar tacos, Calzone Hors-Saucisson The Kitchen Concierge, and “Pig Out” plant-based snacks offered by Exceptional Foods, Inc.

At the event, Alicia – who has been a vegan for two decades – also gave a short talk on the health benefits of adopting a plant-based lifestyle and handed out free copies of her cookbook to success: The benevolent life.

Boyle Heights is one of the most densely populated but disadvantaged areas in Los Angeles, but it hasn’t always been so. When rapper Black Eyed Peas, winner of a Grammy William was young, his Boyle Heights neighborhood was booming. Now the vegan musician is working to expand access to education for children there through his Foundation.

Meanwhile, the Boys & Girls Club provides shelter for neighborhood children, who struggle daily with real conditions of poverty, disadvantaged neighborhoods, low education, gang violence, drug addiction, poor health and food insecurity.

Naomi Hallum, CEO of Million dollar vegan comments:

“Providing nutritious vegan meals to the Boyle Heights community is a matter of fairness; it is about justice and giving these families access to healthy food and nutritional advice that will promote their health and allow them to make better choices for themselves and their loved ones.

Million dollar vegan is on a mission to donate one million meals around the world as part of a campaign to promote plant-based nutrition, fight food injustice, spread compassion and reduce the risk of future pandemics, most of which historically originate from animals and animal products. British icon Joanna Lumley OBE and rock star activist Bryan Adams recently supported the charity’s food aid efforts in India and, to date, have distributed over 400,000 meals around the world.

Campaign supporter Alicia Silverstone comments:

“A plant-based diet can protect us from chronic diseases like heart disease and diabetes, diseases that are prevalent in underprivileged communities like this one. Shifting to a plant-based food system would also reduce our risk of future pandemics, mitigating climate change, deforestation and the need for factory farms. This is why the provision of food aid focused on plant foods is more crucial than ever. “

Before the pandemic, about 1 in 5 people in Los Angeles County was food insecure, but after the COVID-19 outbreak, the number of people in need of food assistance increased dramatically. It is estimated that one in four neighbors today faces food insecurity.

Kurtis Sundblom, Director of Advancement and Philanthropy for the Boys & Girls Clubs, comments:

Feeding our families and ensuring that our young people never go hungry is and will continue to be a top priority for us! We are so lucky to have Million Dollar Vegan and Alicia Silverstone partner with us to provide healthy meals and education, and we couldn’t do it without their support and the support of many others!

To learn more about the relationship between chronic disease, pandemic risk, and the foods we eat, as well as the many benefits of a plant-based lifestyle, check out

To learn more about the Boys & Girls Club, which teaches social skills and how to achieve personal, academic, athletic, artistic and other goals to children ages 5-17, check out

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