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Amy’s just opened its fourth vegetarian drive-thru with plans for 25 more by 2027

Pioneering vegetarian brand Amy’s Kitchen will expand its meatless drive-thru concept to 25 to 30 locations by 2027. Amy’s Drive Thru is reinventing the fast food industry by making it more sustainable and more supportive of health, food and drink. The opposite of what the industry, led by the likes of McDonald’s and Burger King, is traditionally known for.

Amy’s Drive Thru was first launched in 2015 with its flagship location at Rohnert Park. Its very successful opening day attracted over 500 people who lined up for over an hour. At Amy’s, all menu items can be ordered vegan and include “The Amy” (a burger served with two homemade vegetable patties, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onions and a secret sauce); grilled cheese sandwiches; hearty burritos stuffed with beans, rice and cheese; traditional flavored mac and cheese and broccoli; plus great salads, sides, milkshakes and breakfast items.

“We’ve been committed to making organic vegetarian foods since we launched Amy’s Kitchen over three decades ago, and that commitment extended to Amy’s Drive Thru when we opened our first location six years ago.” Amy’s CEO and co-founder Andy Berliner told VegNews. . “We could never have imagined where we would be today with more and more people, especially the younger generations, choosing to eat vegetarian and vegan. “

Following the success of its first location, the company opened a modified takeout location inside Terminal 1 at San Francisco International Airport in 2019 before expanding to a second drive-thru location in Corte Madera, California in 2020, taking over a 4,125 closed square-walk from Denny’s restaurant.

Amy’s meatless drive-thru expands to Roseville

The first leg of Amy’s Drive Thru’s expansion is in Roseville, California, where it opened its fourth location in California on December 2. To celebrate the opening, members of the local running group, Roseville-Rocklin She Runs This Town, walked the driveway and were the first to sample the restaurant’s organic vegetarian menu.


The opening of Roseville signals Amy’s expansion along the West Coast, which will result in its first locations in Southern California at Thousand Oaks and Aliso Viejo in 2022. Over the next five years, Amy plans to operate 25 to 30 locations in California.

“We get so many requests from people across the country to open a drive-thru in their community,” Berliner said. “This is our main motivation to open more Amy’s Drive Thrus. We want to make our food more accessible to more people.

Amy’s meatless drive-thru aims to revolutionize fast food

As well as serving food that is more eco-friendly than most fast food restaurants, Amy’s is one of the first and only fast food chains to hold a B Corp certification, which it received in 2020. With each location, Amy’s strives to be zero waste and zero impact through its restaurant design, compostable packaging and environmental practices. To this end, the chain is equipping its location with solar panels, “living roofs” filled with plants to provide habitats for pollinators and charging stations for electric cars.


As mainstream chains adjust to changing consumer habits – Burger King, White Castle and even McDonald’s have been on the plant-based bandwagon in recent years – Berlin sees a fast food future that relies heavily on on personal health and sustainability.

“The restaurant industry, and fast food in particular, must evolve with our consumers. Young consumers are really the ones fueling this excitement and the majority are making their own decision to skip animal protein altogether, ”Berliner said. “We hope this will motivate more restaurants to start serving more vegetarian and plant-based foods, in a more sustainable way. It is an exciting time to be in food and also a critical time for the future of our planet. “

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