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Anika Singi launched Teen Protein in partnership with GNC

Anika Singi launched Teen Protein in partnership with GNC

New Delhi: Year 12 student of Dhirubhai Ambani International School and gymnast Anika Singi has launched India’s first protein for teenage girls in partnership with GNC, a global nutrition giant.

Since the age of six, Anika has been an avid gymnast and has competed in various district and state level competitions, representing Mumbai and Maharashtra. She also participated in the IBSSO national event held in Surat, after which she qualified for the Indian National Championships in Agra, held in November 2019.

Following a vegetarian lifestyle and eating habits, Anika has always been instructed to include eggs and meat in her diet to provide herself with optimal nutritional levels and meet her protein needs. This being no alternative for Anika, she carefully assessed the situation and observed how different the dietary needs of other athletes were from hers and also many friends in India.

To find a solution to fill this nutritional gap, she decided to approach GNC India to highlight the problem. After careful research, brainstorming sessions and meetings with different nutritionists and sports trainers, Anika finally came up with a concept to develop a protein product that would particularly meet the nutritional needs of female athletes (can also be consumed by male athletes ) in all sports to fill the hole.

The GNC research team took over the formulations and after a thorough process, Teen Protein was curated. Teen Protein is available now on Amazon and on the GNC website.

She also commented, “My idea is to try to raise funds to distribute this product to all sports facilities for teenagers who are talented but do not come from affluent backgrounds. I want them to realize their dreams.

Ashutosh Taparia, Managing Director-Guardian, said, “Highly driven by passion and hard work, it is commendable to see Anika identify and solve such a big problem using an entrepreneurial strategy, especially at such a young age. Teen Protein has immense potential and market need. It will surely be a SUCCESS and a tremendous source of inspiration for other young entrepreneurs. “

Anika strongly believes that the product development process has truly given her insight into being an athlete, a feminist and an individual, staying true to her motives. Being in the sports industry for so long and contributing to it in the best possible way has been very fulfilling for him.

About the product

Teen Protein has been specially formulated with the protein needs of an adolescent athlete in mind – each serving contains 12.5g of protein compared to 24-25g in the adult series. The underlying reasoning is that the body weight of most teenagers in India, especially that of girls, is significantly lower than that of the average male who goes to the gym. Therefore, a higher protein value would not only be wasted but could also strain the metabolic process. The Amino profile (bcaa, glutamine, EAA), etc. has been modified to meet the muscle repair and building needs of a teenage girl who undergoes strenuous physical activity and has a high metabolic rate, iron to compensate for blood loss during menstruation, vitamin B2, B3, B1 , calcium for strong bones, folic acid and several other essential nutrients for good performance and a healthy body. It tastes like chocolate flavor as it is universally preferred.

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