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Asahi’s growth plans, Megmilk Snow’s sustainability strategy, Vietnam as a new export target and more

Turbulence is not over: Asahi pushes canned beer and healthier innovation as cost pressure intensifies

Asahi underlined its intention to focus more on its canned beer and healthier innovation businesses as it prepares to face cost pressures in Japan from October.

The company announced its first-half 2022 financial results earlier this month, reporting an 11.4% year-on-year increase in revenue to 1.15 billion yen ($8.42 billion). ) and a 1.9% increase in profits to 91 billion yen ($666 million).

The company attributed its positive results to its on-premises business (40%+ growth) and canned beer (26% growth) in Japan, as well as craft beer (8% growth) in Australia, but acknowledged that there are still multiple cost increases affecting its global supply chain.

Post-COVID-19 competitiveness: Japan’s Megmilk Snow’s sustainability-focused business plan gets government approval

Megmilk Snow has obtained approval from the Japanese government to implement its new sustainability-focused business plan, which is scheduled for completion in 2025.

Megmilk Snow has designed a new business adaptation plan based on the principles of the updated Industrial Competitiveness Improvement Act last year and submitted it to the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF) for approval, which was recently granted in August 2022.

Expanding exports: Japan sees Vietnam as latest major food hotspot

Japan has set its sights on Vietnam as a potential major destination for its food exports and has set up a specialized export platform in the country to support existing and potential traders.

The government hopes to achieve a target export value of JPY2tn (US$14.4bn) by 2025 and JPY5tn (US$36.1bn) by 2030. export support in various markets of interest – the most recent now being Ho Chi Minh.

“Memory Care”: Megmilk Snow Brand and Kirin Co-Develop Functional Beverage for Japan’s Aging Market

Japanese dairy company Megmilk Snow Brand has launched a “memory food” in Japan with functional claims (FFC) that was jointly developed with Kirin.

The 100ml flavored yogurt drink contains β-lactoline, an exclusive Kirin Brain Research ingredient. It’s a whey protein-derived peptide that Kirin says may help maintain memory, and specifically the ability to remember based on cues or prompts, which is a diminishing ability. with age.

Say cheese: the Indonesian brand Mazaraat Artisanal Cheese will quadruple its production with a second factory

Indonesian producer of artisanal cheese brand Mazaraat Artisanal Cheese plans to quadruple its daily production by building a second factory and later expanding into other Asia-Pacific markets.

With the increase in production, he intends to distribute the cheeses to more countries in Southeast Asia, such as Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia, in 2023, and the Japan and beyond by 2024.