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Australia’s ‘first-of-its-kind’ vegan food platform launched, global expansion to follow

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A new vegan food delivery platform, VEats, has just started in Australia, with international expansion on the horizon.

VEats is the brainchild of vegan entrepreneurs Lara Young and Susan McCarthy. The couple came together with the goal of making cruelty-free living more accessible. Or in their words, “changing the world, one plant-based meal at a time.”

Via the online platform, users can browse local businesses offering at least three vegan options. They can choose to reserve a table or order pickup or delivery.

Young and McCarthy say the concept is the first of its kind.

Where does VEats operate?

VEats began its pilot trial in Sydney this month. The website currently has over 600 directory listings across the city. By the end of January, it should have more than 50 listings allowing reservations and deliveries.

The start-up has partnered with impact alternative asset management firm, Bamford Capital, to push the project further.

Together the companies will tackle the vegan and vegetarian markets of Melbourne, Perth and Queensland in Australia.

From there, VEats will cross the pond to expand across the UK. First up: Brighton and London.

“Australia is one of the fastest growing vegan markets in the world and Sydney is the perfect city to get started, with vegan hubs like Newtown leading the way,” Young said in a statement sent to Plant Based News.

“We hope to showcase the best plant-based foods the city has to offer and change the way people view and access plant-based foods in their daily lives.

“Whether you’re vegan, flexitarian, pescatarian, or have never eaten a plant-based meal in your life, we want to help create an even bigger shift toward plant-based eating.”

The new service hopes to help people remove animal products from their diets. Credit: VEats

A simpler transition away from animal products

Young was motivated to launch VEats after spotting a gap in the market for those looking to order plant-based foods from restaurants and other services.

After growing up on a meat-based diet, Young discovered that going vegan meant learning “a whole new way of eating.”

“The trip was not easy and I spent hours and days researching restaurants, checking menus, calling ahead for accommodations and trying to vegetate food through other delivery platforms,” ​​she explained.

“I knew if it was hard for me, it would be hard for anyone trying to transition to a plant-based diet. That’s when I came up with the idea for VEats,” added the contractor.

The new service has already earned praise from Australians. Vegan DJ and producer Tigerlily commented, “It’s going to be such a game-changer to have a platform that I trust and know is totally vegan.

“This is a massive development and so many people will benefit from it. I know I will use it all the time.