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Potato chips by Peytato

Honey butter, salted egg and potato chips with truffle

Charlon King Rancap and Melody Rancap, who met, fell in love and got married while working at the same hotel, had one other thing in common: a deep love for salted egg flavored food. A hotel restaurant where they worked served a fantastic salted egg shrimp dish.

“We really got hooked and my husband tried to make the potato chip version of it,” Melody said.

This was back when salted egg chips were a huge food trend in the Philippines and other countries like Singapore. “They were so expensive! said Mélodie. Eventually, she and her husband decided to sell a more affordable version of the expensive snack.

They started trading online because they needed some extra income, Melody said. She was pregnant with their daughter Peyton and they named the company after her: Peytato.

A year ago, they quit their jobs to devote themselves full time to their online food business. Today, Peytato offers potato chips in different flavors, most of which have a touch of salted egg: original, garlic parmesan, spicy and our favorites, honey butter and truffle.

The original and the truffle are their bestsellers, Melody said. The crisps are affordable – an 80 gram bag of the original salted egg costs just P70 while the truffle is P150.

Unlike many salted egg crisps available on the market, theirs are not made from flavored powder. “We use natural ingredients, from potatoes to salted egg sauce, truffle oil and honey,” Melody said. “We don’t use curry leaves or salted egg powder to enhance the taste. Our ingredients are simple but might satisfy your taste buds with that real goodness of salted eggs.

We are addicted. We say, try all the flavors and pick your favorites. We love to eat honey and truffle chips alternately for this sweet and savory combo. We also ordered the crisps to give as gifts to friends and family.

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New York cheesecake by 3K Cheesecakes

Best New York cheesecake

When an Editor-in-Chief of Inquirer recently retired, Inquirer President and CEO Rudyard Arbolado ordered his Thank You Cake from 3K Cheesecakes. “The best homemade cheesecake in NY,” he said. He’s also a fan of their carrot cake and brownies.

Dothy de Dios Pedralvez is the woman behind 3K Cheesecakes. His bestsellers are New York cheesecakes, brownies, and three-cheese, garlic milk rolls.

“Our products are made to order, customers are assured of receiving freshly made products from top quality ingredients,” she said. (@ 3kcheesecakes on Facebook and Instagram;

Award-winning 62% dark chocolate from 1919 Chocolate

Award-winning Filipino artisan chocolate

The growth of the Philippine artisan chocolate industry is something we can all be proud of. It’s always a great joy to discover new brands that make delicious chocolates right here at home.

1919 Chocolate is one such brand. This award-winning, family-run, artisanal, tree-to-bar chocolatier uses cocoa beans from heirloom Criollo cocoa trees at their estate in Malvar, Batangas, an estate that has been passed down for four generations.

Their 62% dark chocolate won its second Silver Prize in the Bar Tree category of the Chocolate Academy 2021 (UK). The 70 percent dark chocolate won bronze.

Both candy bars shine in their simplicity – they’re decadent, no-frills treats. Other offerings include the milk and cereal bar that everyone will love (love the mix of crunch and creaminess) and the delicious toasted milk with pastilla flavor + strawberry white chocolate. The Horchata bar is also a must-have – made with almond and rice milk, cocoa butter, sugar and cinnamon, it’s a soy-free, dairy-free and vegan treat, just like most products from 1919 Chocolate.

1919 also sells premium tablea made from 100% pure cocoa beans that you can use for hot chocolate, champorado and baking.

Don’t miss the Hey Cacao! Chocolate and hazelnut spread too. This delicious treat, made with just four ingredients – cocoa beans, raw cane sugar, toasted hazelnuts and salt – is so good you’ll end up eating it straight from the jar. That’s what we did.

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Bun Appetit Snow Crab Toast

Shrimps, Parmesan, arugula and snow crab toast

Lawrence Cua and Iya Jimenez-Cua of Bun Appetit are the king and queen of lobster, serving the best lobster rolls in the country (they use claws and Maine lobster shank meat) along with other delicacies from sea ​​food.

Their food is always good, and that includes the latest additions to their menu. Garlic Noodles with American Scallops is a new take on an old favorite. It is available in half trays and whole trays. The Shrimp, Parmesan, Arugula (SPR) salad is our new Bun Appetit obsession: pan-fried shrimp skewers, Parmesan and arugula with honey-lemon vinaigrette. It’s so good that you can eat it every day. (And we could.)

Another must-have is the snow crab toast, which will be available from tomorrow, including snow crab leg meat, cucumber, ebiko, dill and sourdough cream cheese. So pretty to look at, so satisfying to eat. (Bun Appetit is at The Grid, Power Plant Mall, daily and at Salcedo Market on Saturdays; @bun_appetit on Instagram;

Carb Care Package
by The Daily Knead

Carbohydrate Care Package

Who doesn’t love baked goods? The Daily Knead offers Carb Care packages that you can send to loved ones. Each package includes some of The Daily Knead’s best deals: a three-cheese cross with truffle, a ham and gruyere cross, an apple and caramel turnover, and surprise pastries that change weekly.

The Daily Knead is a carbohydrate lover’s dream come true. They bake fantastic breads, cakes and pastries, biscuits, brioche and babkas with croissants, sourdough and manchego ensaymada.

Our favorites are the pain au chocolat (of course), the dulce de leche braid, the strawberries and Danish cream, the calamansi reel and the chocolate brioche babka. Uh, everything is fine.

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