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Bakery Innovation Leader Partners with Upcycled Food Lab

BERKELEY, Calif. – Puratos and ReGrained are thrilled to announce a new partnership developed for the growing demands of consumers and the growers who serve them. The century-old global leader in bakery ingredients has partnered with the pioneer of sustainable ingredient innovation to bring recycled solutions to the commercial baking industry through an exclusive collaboration and supply agreement.

Baking is big business in the United States. The industry surpassed $55 billion in 20201 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.8% by 2027.2 Consumer tastes and expectations for baked goods are rapidly shifting towards healthier, low-carb, high-fiber options in convenient formats. At the same time, 42% of consumers say they are more aware of the environmental impact of their food choices3 while consumer awareness of the positive impact of food waste mitigation on the climate crisis has increased by 71% since 2019.4

“This partnership offers powerful tools for the commercial baking industry to unlock the opportunity for large-scale recycled foods,” said Dan Kurzrock, Founder and CEO of ReGrained.

ReGrained and Puratos are well positioned to offer solutions at the forefront of industry macro trends. ReGrained’s Upcycled Food Lab is the leading innovation platform for the development of upcycled products. Regrinded supergrain, its first certified recycled ingredient derived from brewers’ spent grain, provides at least 3.5 times more dietary fiber and 2 times more plant-based protein than whole-grain flours while reducing net carbs. Puratos brings an unparalleled depth of global expertise in natural fermentation, health and wellness, enzyme-based technologies and consumer insights. Together, they share an agile, customer-centric approach to creating scalable, highly marketable baked goods.

“Puratos aims to be the most trusted innovation partner for the bakery and chocolate market, which is why we invest so much in research and development,” says Michael Gleason, product manager of the bakery for Puratos USA.

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About ReGrained
ReGrained is the leading platform for food recycling technology and ingredients. ReGrained deploys patented technology and culinary science to save healthy foods and create delicious, versatile and better-for-you ingredients and products. Their flagship ingredient, ReGrained SuperGrain+, elevates the tens of billions of pounds of de-sugared, sprouted ancient grains created each year by the brewing industry. Regrinded supergrain+ is a versatile, economical and environmentally friendly cereal powder rich in vegetable proteins, dietary fibers and prebiotics. Food companies around the world are partnering with ReGrained’s Recycled Food Lab to fuel their next generation of product innovation. ReGrained is a proudly certified public benefit corporation and member of 1% For The Planet, and co-founder of the Upcycled Food Association. To learn more about the company, the Upcycled Food Lab and the products, visit