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Barry Callebaut revives WWII brand of chocolate, new Nutella dip, and sweet and savory croffles

Sep 17, 2021 — This week in industry news, Barry Callebaut is reviving a classic British chocolate brand. In snacking, Nutella launched a new dip and the croffs were highlighted by Baker Time. Biotech firm AgBiome has raised US $ 116 million in a Series D funding round, co-led by Blue Horizon and Novalis LifeSciences. DKSH has entered into a distribution agreement with dairy specialist Valio to supply its products to key markets in Southeast Asia and Taiwan.

In short: Sweet moments
A classic British chocolate brand founded just after WWII is to be relaunched by Barry Callebaut. After being invented and produced at High Wycombe in 1945, Stewart & arnold the chocolate will now be made at Barry Callebaut’s factory in Banbury, Oxfordshire, UK. Artisans across the country will use the range to create confectionery, bakery and pastry products.

Nutella presents a new way to soak with Nutella & GO! Multigrain, with Nutella on one side and hearty multigrain sticks with oats and blueberries on the other. According to the brand, the new Nutella & GO! Multigrain “will satisfy cravings while giving you a fun new way to snack.”

Nutella & GO! Multigrain, with Nutella on one side and hearty multigrain sticks with oats and blueberries on the other.Baker’s time announced the launch of its brand, highlighting its latest snack, the croffles. Baker Time is an Indonesian artisanal croffles inspired by Japanese desserts and snacks, such as matcha sauce, burnt cheese, karaage bites and crispy chicken burgers. Made with croissant dough pressed into a waffle iron, croffle, or croissant-waffle combination, it brings a sweet blend of the sweet, flaky characteristics of a croissant with the crunch and smoothness of a waffle. The distinctiveness of the croffle is exemplified by Baker Time’s selection of toppings, which are served in both sweet and savory flavors.

In short: Commercial advances
will use its new USD 116 million fundraising to rapidly expand its portfolio of natural crop protection products, develop its scientific and commercial teams and continue to strengthen its global presence and partnerships. The growing world population, the increased demand for clean and healthy food and the pressure to reduce the applications of agricultural chemicals have created a need for sustainable and environmentally compatible crop protection.

DKSH Business Unit Performance Materials, a distributor of chemicals and specialty ingredients, will provide marketing and sales, distribution and logistics, business development and customer management for Valio’s milk powders in Thailand, Philippines , Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam and Taiwan. Valio, a Finnish dairy and food company, has been operating in the South East Asian market for years. The purity of its ingredients is attributed to a clean arctic environment, quality standards for animal welfare and responsible milk production. DKSH was chosen for its expertise in the food industry and proven track record as a key distribution partner in the Asia-Pacific region.

Food business GEA further strengthens its market position with “one of the most important orders” in its history. Novozymes, a supplier of enzymatic and microbial technologies headquartered in Denmark, has entrusted GEA with the turnkey development of a new major plant producing plant proteins for the plant-based food industry. The volume of this order is well within the high double-digit range of one million euros. Construction on the new plant in Nebraska, US, will begin later this year and is expected to be completed by the end of 2023.

In short: Acquisitions
Smell the food entered into a share exchange agreement with Black Sheep Vegan Cheeze Company, a British Columbia vegan cheese company, and the shareholders of Black Sheep to acquire all of the issued and outstanding common shares of Black Sheep.

At a glance: Alternatives to meat Nestlé brings Garden Gourmet to UK supermarkets with the next generation of herbal alternatives, the Sensational line.
Nestle brings Garden Gourmet to UK supermarkets with the next generation of herbal alternatives, the Sensational line. From September 20, plant-based consumers in the UK will be able to get their hands on vegan products, which are already very popular in the UK out-of-home chain. The range initially includes burgers, hash, Cumberland-style sausages and Mediterranean-style pieces of tenderloin.

MeaTech 3D announced that its Belgian subsidiary, Peace of Meat, had grown just over 700g of pure biomass from chicken fat in a single production run. This achievement is considered the first public demonstration of single-pass growth of this amount of 100% pure cultured cellular biomass, grown entirely outside of an animal. While many consumers currently appreciate plant-based meat substitutes, many find that it does not replicate the “meat” of conventional meat. MeaTech believes that real cultured animal fats can potentially deliver the characteristic flavors, aromas and textures currently derived from traditionally farmed meat, thus providing an enhanced consumption experience when combined with plant-based ingredients.

By Elizabeth Green

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