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Best Buy’s New Member Program provides access to hard-to-find items


It was a difficult year for people who were looking for a Playstation 5, an Xbox Series X or the latest and greatest graphics card. But a new membership program from Best buy could dramatically increase the chances of getting your hands on hard-to-find products.

It will come at a price, however.

Best Buy has launched a new program called Totaltech (as opposed to the existing Total Tech program), which will include “access to some of the… hardest to find products ”this holiday season. Membership will cost $ 200 per year and will also include 24/7 technical support, longer product protection, free shipping and installation, an extended return window, and member prices on select merchandise.

The program, which Best Buy began testing earlier this year, is now available nationwide.

The hard-to-find products that Totaltech members will have preferential access to have not been specified, but the announcement implies that they would be devices whose supply has been limited, in part due to the shortage of semiconductor chips.

Fans lined up outside Best Buy stores this year when new video cards were due to go on sale and when new shipments of popular game consoles arrived. And the holiday season could make things even more crowded before dawn.

Best Buy will also give Totaltech members access to events such as special prices on select tech items every Monday, starting October 18 and during the holiday season.

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