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Best foods to try this weekend

Seared Bar from True Food Kitchen

Seemingly forever, brothers John and Moe Thabata having run Rainbow grocery store (4837 Magazine St., 504-875-3635), the popular Uptown corner store best known for its huge selection of everything from very inexpensive beers on their own to fine wines and the occasional bottle of Pampy Van Winkle and others. If you live near or have ever attended a parade anywhere near the Magazine Street hallway, chances are you’ve been to Rainbow at one point or another for some sort of libation, a bundle of cigarettes or a bag of crisps. If they don’t have what you’re looking for, just let John or Moe know and they’ll order and store it for you.

I like to give credit where it’s due. This is why I would like to greet Miss Shanita, the lady who runs the humble and tiny kitchen at the back of the store. The menu here is simple – French sandwiches, a bun or toast; burgers, fried shrimp, catfish or chicken breast fillets served with fries – but the quality and care Miss Shanita puts in every order is remarkable. A few weeks ago I ordered a turkey and pepper jack sandwich on toast. It was really impressive to see, especially for its price of $ 2.99. A few days later I ordered chicken fillets with fries. For $ 6.99, I had four large fried chicken breast fillets skillfully coated in a shaggy batter and served with a side full of extra crispy fries. There was no way I could even place half of the order. So two ate very generously for $ 6.99. Check it out. John and Moe let the website expire years ago, so you’ll have to show up for an old-fashioned paper menu. It’s worth it.

the way i started this blog, i rarely eat sandwiches or friends food. I’m more of the vegetable and salad type. Having said that, I love absolutely everything Authentic cuisine, a bright and inspiring space located on the ground floor of The Julia in the Warehouse District. The health-conscious restaurant offers a menu of vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options with a handful of high-quality protein-focused selections. True Food Kitchen is bursting with Mediterranean and Asian flavors represented in a plethora of choices for breakfast, entrees, salads, pizzas (both traditional and gluten-free), colorful bowls, burgers, sandwiches, main courses and inventive desserts. The dazzling plant and veg-centric art shines brightly against a backdrop of natural wood and fiber surfaces, and the kitchen uses seasonal, “sustainable” and organic ingredients that are locally sourced wherever possible. With that in mind, go over there to check out the new summer card is at the top of my to-do list. It is bursting with crisp and fresh flavors and the dishes are a feast for the eyes.

I’m having a great time with NOSH, my new monthly recipe-focused column for New Orleans Magazine. This month I featured smoked ribs with blackberry barbecue sauce from Chef Scot Craig of Katie’s Restaurant in Mid-City. Although the big July 4th barbecue party has already passed, it was raining. So let me encourage you to step out the grill and give it a try this weekend. Unless it rains …

Have a good weekend everyone. You will play well.