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ByHeart announces the launch of its revolutionary infant formula, becoming the only new infant formula brand in decades to rewrite the recipe from scratch

  • ByHeart is the first new infant formula manufacturer in over 15 years to be registered with the FDA, making it the 4th vertically integrated infant formula brand in the United States.

  • ByHeart’s national clinical trial has proven the benefits of breast milk. The formula includes a proprietary blend of the two most abundant proteins in breast milk plus organic, grass-fed whole milk

  • ByHeart’s formula supports all-in-one benefits including easy digestion, less sputum, and immune, gut, and cognitive development, all without corn syrup, maltodextrin, soy, or palm oil.

  • ByHeart’s farm-to-formula oversight has resulted in the company becoming the first Clean Label Project certified infant formula in the United States, at its highest level, “The Purity Award.”

NEW YORK, March 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today By heart, the next-generation baby nutrition company dedicated to setting a new standard for infant nutrition, has launched its highly anticipated infant formula to do better for babies and parents. ByHeart founders and siblings Ron Belldegrun and Mia Funt, both parents, realized that there had been significant modern advances in nutritional science and breast milk research, which had not been incorporated into the infant formulas currently on the market – and the only way to truly innovate was to start from scratch, acquire their own manufacturing and R&D, source every ingredient, and apply rigorous quality standards from farm to formula. The ByHeart team has spent five years working with leading experts in breastmilk research to develop the first infant formula in the United States to include a patented protein blend that is closest to breastmilk. and the only infant formula in the United States to include grass-fed organic whole foods. milk (as opposed to skimmed milk, used by most other formulas). ByHeart is also the first new infant formula brand on the market to demonstrate its distinct benefits through the company’s rigorous clinical trial. This revolutionary approach yielded the first clinically proven easy-to-digest infant formula without corn syrup, maltodextrin, soy or palm oil – and combined the benefits of breast milk and cleanest certified ingredients, so parents don’t have to choose one or the other (as they do with so many other formulas on the shelves today).

Courtesy of ByHeart

“At ByHeart, we believe that breastmilk is nature’s superfood – the world’s most natural functional nutrition – and that’s why it’s our model. We’ve brought together experts in all aspects of research about breastmilk, baby health and nutrition, because innovation in the infant formula category is not about an ingredient, benefit or expert,” says ByHeart CEO and Co-Founder, Ron Belldegrun. “To truly innovate to our standards, we couldn’t rely on existing clinical research, as the industry has – for the most part – for decades: owning our manufacturing and R&D, having direct relationships with every supplier and finally running our own clinic has allowed us to innovate, control every ingredient in the formula, and get closer to breastmilk in a way that will be new to the market, all for the benefit of fundamental health and wellness baby.”

Breast milk proteins are highly functional, offering benefits beyond belly filling: they are essential for supporting a strong immune system, a healthy gut microbiome, and easy digestion; yet, the protein blend is still the biggest gap between breastmilk and existing formula on the shelf. By building their recipe from scratch, ByHeart was able to include lactoferrin and alpha-lactalbumin levels in breast milk (the two most abundant proteins in breast milk), as well as broken down proteins and a whey/ 80:20 casein which most closely reflects colostrum or early breast milk. This patented protein blend was tested in ByHeart’s clinical trial, the largest conducted by a newcomer to infant formula in over 25 years, which showed significant benefits alongside breast milk: easier digestion, less spitting up and softer poop. Their trial was designed to meet and exceed the rigorous requirements set by the FDA and included a breastfed reference arm – an important and optional addition to the study that demonstrated these benefits.

“We want parents to have complete visibility into their babies’ nutrition, from farm to formula, and feel empowered in the feeding decisions they make. We called our company ByHeart because we believe parents know their babies’ needs “by heart” – and they deserve a partner who can support them with uncompromising products and parent-centric resources, so they can take pride in the feeding decisions they make take – whatever they are,” said the president and co-founder of ByHeart, Mia Funt.

Founded on the belief that the more you control the process, the more you can control product quality and deliver superior nutrition to babies, ByHeart has acquired and modernized a manufacturing facility in Reading, Pennsylvania in 2019, which is Certified Kosher, Certified Grass-Fed, Certified Organic, and SQF Certified, and gives ByHeart the rare ability to accept fresh milk from local farms. ByHeart is the only US formula that uses organic, grass-fed whole milk (most other formulas lose some of the benefits of whole fat by relying on skim milk). ByHeart’s organic lactose and organic prebiotic fibers – vital ingredients for newborns – help maintain the balance of bacteria and promote nutrient absorption. ByHeart’s dedication to a quality standard in sourcing and manufacturing that far exceeds industry standards is what allowed the company to become the first infant formula in the United States to receive certification. Clean Label Project, and moreover at the highest level – their Purity Award.

ByHeart’s commitment to families goes beyond creating no-compromise nutritional products: as a fully integrated company participating in the world’s most basic food category, Belldegrun and Funt believe they have a responsibility to consider not only the products they make, but also the planet the next generation will inherit. The company is dedicated to a rigorous quality program, reducing waste and carbon emissions, and developing renewable systems for a more sustainable future. They created the first all-metal, infinitely recyclable container (including a metal cap) in infant formula.

ByHeart’s infant formula is now available exclusively on byheart.com, priced at $39 for a 680g can, the equivalent of 46 four-ounce bottles. Families who exclusively feed infant formula will only need about five cans per month (compared to more than 10 for some other brands).

About ByHeart

Founded in 2016, based in New York City with manufacturing facilities at Pennsylvania, ByHeart is a fully integrated infant nutrition company dedicated to giving parents choices for a better future in nutrition. ByHeart is only the 4th fully integrated, FDA-registered infant formula brand in the nation, and the ByHeart facility is driven by nutritional excellence and a Farm to Formula Verified™ quality program. For more information about ByHeart, visit https://byheart.com/.

Courtesy of ByHeart

Courtesy of ByHeart

Ron Belldegrun and Mia Funt, courtesy of ByHeart

Ron Belldegrun and Mia Funt, courtesy of ByHeart



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