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Carts near the park’s food-truck site shake up the Ridgefield restaurant scene

RIDGEFIELD – Carts by the Park recently opened in downtown Ridgefield, offering expanded dining options to the community at 219 Pioneer St., across from Town Hall.

The food basket includes Sugars Barbecue, Little Conejo Norte, and Drinks by the Park, a drinks truck. There is also a small place to rotate cart pop-ups. The owners hope to fill the space with a fourth permanent truck by the end of the year.

Kristen Riggs, owner of the Olde Library Inn, Ryan Zygar, founder of Tieton Homes, and Braden Hurt, owner of Chuck’s Heating & Cooling, along with Hurt’s wife, Amy, built the pod to create a wider variety of ‘Dining options for downtown Ridgefield.

“We’re big foodies, so we love great food,” Riggs said. “Viejo makes the best grilled jalapenos, I love Vinnie’s salad, I always have the club sandwich at Sportsman and the Pioneer Cafe has some great pies, but wanted to have other options that didn’t require a long drive. car.”

The group searched for food trucks through Facebook Marketplace and a food basket platform. Lynnae Oxley-Loupe, of Battle Ground-based Sugars Barbecue, responded immediately. Since opening her business in 2006, she has been a Games finalist for gold on “Chopped” and has appeared on “BBQ Brawl – Flay vs. Symon” and “BBQ Pitmasters”.