Chocolate pricing

Chennai-based Sweet Spot offers a decadent range of homemade desserts under one roof

Salted Caramel Milk Chocolate

Life is like a box of Sweet Spot – you never know what you’ll get! As we dig into the chocolate cake covered in a thick caramel sauce, Zeeshan Anees, who is part of the five-partner company, agrees and adds, “Every day we have over 15 to 20. different desserts by different bakers on our menu – and what’s more, that changes every day. Next to Wake and Bake by Nush’s gooey, quick-devouring cake is a wobbly mango cheesecake from Serendipia, a Korean bun stuffed with cream cheese from Zoya’s bakes, and a bright yellow lemon pie from Chef Shristhi. . Cuckoo’s Pecan Rocher slice pastry is deliciously decadent and has been polished even before the chocolate and caramel cake was tried. Meanwhile, Nas Cake Custard Light Cream is confined in sweetness. A retail platform that serves as a bridge between home bakers and needy customers, Sweet Spot is a kiosk that was set up near College Road earlier in April by Pooja Reddy, Mohamed Samee, Mohammed Faraaz and Abdul Ahad, as well as Zeeshan. Due to the lockdown, it currently operates as a delivery service only through Instagram (@sweetspot_chennai).

Abdul Ahad, Mohamed Samee, Pooja Reddy, Zeeshan Anees & Mohammed Faraaz

“We sell by the slice,” Zeeshan explains, as he explains that they are trying to bridge the gap between demand and supply of homemade treats. “Besides the fact that you don’t have to pre-order with us and everything is under one roof, you also don’t have to order the whole cake. We have noticed that people want to try a variety, but having to order large portions turns them off. Sweet Spot brings you an exciting range of desserts while maintaining a viable platform for bakers by tracking their prices, buying desserts directly and working on small margins. In addition, they have their own delivery service with no links to aggregators.

Dark Chocolate Cheesecake

What really strikes about this business is the curation. Yes, there is a chocolate cake on the menu at all times! One of their all-time favorites is Meltz’s Milk Chocolate Salted Caramel. Owned by self-taught baker Aishwarya Prabhu (who also happens to be the daughter of actor Prabhu) – she has been cooking for over a decade. “All my recipes are the product of my desires. Since I’m a chocolate lover, you’ll end up seeing mostly chocolate desserts / cakes from us, ”Aishwarya explains. One of their fastest deals – this dessert is forever, informs Zeeshan. The team takes a great interest in sampling and tasting to maintain quality and standards. “While variety is the strength of our offerings, we also have flagship brands. So, popular desserts made by bakers who have the capacity to take larger orders are on our regular list. ” After that ? Zeeshan tells us that vegan and gluten-free options will soon be added to their repertoire.

INR 60 to INR 500 per piece. Available online