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Chicken Sandwiches on the Gap: Impossible Cheeseburgers Are GrubHub’s Best Order of 2021

The first order on Grubhub this year is the Impossible Cheeseburger without meat, according to the delivery platform’s 2021 “Year in Food” report. The Meatless Burger beat the Crispy Chicken Sandwich for # 1 and gained 442% popularity on Grubhub this year. In 2021, overall vegan orders were up 16%, with other orders gaining popularity, such as vegan hot chocolate (up 320%), vegan mint chocolate chip cookies (up 236%) %) and the handmade vegan chorizo ​​taco (up 236%).

As for the states with the most vegan orders, the top five are California, New York, Florida, Texas, and Georgia, which are home to Slutty Vegan, a popular Atlanta-based chain offering vegan-based creations. Impossible Burger. Grubhub also unveiled state-specific statistics in its report, revealing that California has the highest percentage of pickup orders; Alaska has the highest average spend per order; and New York has the most orders, period.

In its report, Grubhub also highlighted a few “Best of Grubhub” restaurants and dishes, naming Heartbreakers, the 70s vegan restaurant in Brooklyn, the best for its vegan chicken wings.

GrubHub’s vegan food orders on the rise

GrubHub identifies vegan food as a growing delivery trend since at least 2016, when it revealed vegan orders were among the top trends – alongside paleo, gluten-free, and low-fat – and had increased by 58% compared to the previous year. . As of mid-2017, vegan orders continued to be popular on the delivery platform, with customers ordering items such as dairy-free quesadillas, tofu wings, quinoa teriyaki bowls, samosa chaat and vegan calzones.

Grubhub’s “State of the Plate” report for the first half of 2019, which named the Impossible Burger as its most popular late-night order, saw vegan orders increase 25% and orders from Impossible 82% burgers during the analysis period. And last year’s “Year in Food” report highlighted the continuing upward trajectory of plant-based meat alternatives, whose popularity soared 463% on the platform in 2020.

In its mid-year 2021 “State of the Plate” report, a vegan dish (plant-based sausage wrap) also took top honors, which, combined with the overall Impossible Burger rating this year, is unusual for Grubhub. “We have seen a strong and consistent demand for vegan and vegetarian orders over the past few years, but this is the first time that a plant-based order has dominated the list of best foods for State of the Plate and Year in Food. in the same year, ”Demarquis McIntyre, senior partner at Grubhub, told VegNews. “We expect plant-based orders to continue to gain popularity in 2022 as plant-based foods become more accessible and we move away from the comfort food trend that was popular on Grubhub’s. last year.”


Impossible Foods envisions a future without animals

In compiling its 2021 “Year in Food” report, Grubhub analyzed more than 32 million orders to come to the conclusion that the Impossible Burger reigns supreme. Does this mean Americans are turning to plant-based alternatives and moving away from animal products for good? Impossible Foods hopes so.

Visionary scientist Patrick O. Brown founded Impossible Foods in 2011 with a very clear mission: to replace all foods of animal origin with viable plant-based alternatives by 2035. The company’s flagship product, the Impossible Burger, debuted in a handful of premium products. restaurants in 2016. The plant-based hamburger is now on the menu of nearly 40,000 restaurants around the world, including many Grubhub partners.

“We see this as a demonstration of how quickly consumer attitudes can shift away from animal meat when you really get the right product,” an Impossible Foods spokesperson told VegNews. “What we set out to do was not to build a delicious, plant-based pancake, but rather to develop a technological platform capable of replacing animals in the food system. Now, we are delivering products that consumers consistently prefer and actively seek, which is a clear sign that we are making progress on our mission.


While the company has spent years perfecting the Impossible Burger, new product launches have proceeded at a much faster pace. This year alone, Impossible Foods launched its plant-based pork sausage into the retail sector; entered the lucrative vegan chicken category with Plant-Based Impossible Chicken Nuggets; and launched his pre-rolled plant-based meatballs (a mix of his Impossible Burger and Impossible Sausage).

To date, Impossible Foods has raised nearly $ 2 billion in funding to help it achieve its goal of obsolete animal products.

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