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Chocolate chef, steward of Williams Sonoma’s Peppermint bark for 19 years, pivots on new adventures in Candy Land and beyond

SAN FRANCISCO, June 17 2021 / PRNewswire / – Megan A. Costello, Founder and Former Co-Owner and Director of Chocolate (CCO) at Easton Malloy, Inc., maker of the famous original Williams Sonoma Peppermint Bark, announces her new business. After designing and building their brand new chocolate and confectionery manufacturing plant in 2019, Megan is now charting a new trajectory for her life with food, chocolate and her namesake brand Megan A. Costello.

“I’m an entrepreneur at heart, so for me the pleasure is imagining a business, designing equipment, building factories and creating products and flavor profiles. To be a creator, you have to be free to create and leave the day behind. today’s homework. ”The brand new Megan A. Costello offers expertise in product and flavor design and includes collaborations with established colleagues in the industry.

“It was more than a sugar rush to build my first factory in San Francisco. The city had just taken a hard hit from the bursting of the first tech bubble, and there was plenty of room to develop. It was the perfect time for burgeoning food entrepreneurs. companies and, for those of us in food (especially chocolate), we were helping each other. We did not have models for some of our activities. We were not the descendants of generations of chocolate makers, but we were passionate and determined. Chocolate has rules and limits, and when you’re lucky enough to have millions of pounds to play with, testing those rules and limits is half the fun. “Another facet of the Megan A. Costello brand is giving back by sharing Megan’s expertise with the next generation of growing entrepreneurs.

As a very conscious master chocolatier with a rich history of sourcing natural ingredients, Megan A. Costello is committed to preserving and protecting these sources. Megan campaigns for sustainable and fair cocoa. Her position in the culinary community as an accomplished business owner gives Megan a powerful platform to instill knowledge and values ​​in food industry entrepreneurs about the responsibility they have for the ingredients they buy up. ‘to the packaging they use.

The Megan A. Costello brand was born out of a love for invention. This new career as a distinguished chocolate factory owner allows Megan to immerse herself in the food community as a leading innovator, collaborator and educator.

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