Commercial Loan Corp – Offers “Free Property Tax Savings Estimate and Consultation” for Beneficiaries Inheriting a Home – Maintaining Parental Property Tax Base

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., March 10, 2021 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) – Now that the limitations and changes to property tax relief in CA Proposition 58 have come into effect on February 16, 2021 due to Proposition 19 – the Popular real estate lender and trustee Commercial Loan Corp in Newport Beach is offering heirs and beneficiaries inheriting a parent’s home a free consultation and property tax savings estimate – to keep their parents’ property tax base low .

This Free consultation to save on property tax helps assess the benefit of an irrevocable trust loan, especially for beneficiaries who wish to keep the inherited property at their parents’ low property tax rate, thus avoiding the current market reassessment. This often involves a quick buyout from siblings looking to sell their share of the same inherited property.

Families, beneficiaries or their attorneys who wish to enjoy the benefits of Commercial Loan Corp Free consultation to save on property tax call the firm’s main office at 1-877-464-1066. The company helps families and beneficiaries by helping them avoid property tax reassessments and determines how much a family can expect to save in property taxes (saving on average over $ 6,000 per year); as well as weighing the costs and benefits of a trust loan running alongside Proposition 58 – allowing for the buyout of property inherited from co-beneficiaries, while keeping a relative’s property tax base low. Regarded as one of California’s leading trust lenders, the firm works for families alongside their attorney, accountant, or property tax consultant, such as many families testify.

Tanis Alonso, Senior Account Manager at Commercial Loan Corp, describes the company’s estate and trust lending service: “We don’t think of every fiat lending scenario as just a ‘financial transaction’. Neither do we see the house they have lived in for decades as mere “real estate”. For us, it is a “piece of family history” in the making. And the process is a “family decision”, not a “transaction”. We see our clients as real families whom we support, financially and emotionally, and not just clients signing a loan trust agreement. We love to help people… get them money when they really need it – and save them costs with a loan in trust.

Ms. Alonso also explains the business process: “In addition to reducing property taxes, the key issue for families is selling, rather than keeping, inherited property. By keeping the homestead, everyone gets more money than if they sold the property to an outside buyer. Factoring in the real estate agent and transaction fees of about 6.5%, the average trust receives $ 45,716 more to distribute using a loan in trust to hold the property than if it sold the property. Each beneficiary receives an average of $ 16,652 more from someone who keeps the property, instead of selling it. And the overall average annual property tax saving is $ 6,043.

Commercial Loan Corp provides loans to trusts and probate estates, and helps maximize the distribution of funds to a trust or estate; allowing beneficiaries to buy back property inherited from co-beneficiaries. When granting mortgages to trusts or probate estates, the firm helps clients avoid revaluation of property at current tax rates – allowing families to keep a parent’s tax base low of Proposition 13 – by obtaining a parent-child exclusion, save a lot of money on annual property taxes.

To get a Free consultation to save on property tax establish a permanent and weak property tax base; or to receive a loan in trust to buy back property shares from co-beneficiaries, and learn more about maintaining a low parental property tax base when inheriting family property – owners and California beneficiaries can call Commercial Loan Corp at 1-877-464-1066.

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