Contractual bridge: alcohol-fueled auctions require a sober approach as a registrant

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Traditionally, holiday season bridge games have not been of high quality. The auctions here have confirmed it, but declarer’s game has been an impressive start to 2021. . .

East opened a Weak 2H, doubled and raised at 3H. North ambitiously jumped into the game. This encouraged South – who may have originally had to over-call 3NT – to attempt a small slam. West was leading 7 ♥ and South was considering what he knew. The East has six cores, presumably ruled by ♥ AQJ. West is likely to hold K ♦ and spade length. In round 1, East played J ♥ and South won with K ♥.

Deciding that a thinness of diamonds could still be fair, but also aware that West might be under pressure, declarer played six rounds of clubs, throwing a heart and three diamonds from dummy. West followed suit three times, then threw 10 ♥ and 4 ♦ but, at the sixth club, got stuck. If he throws a spade, all of the dummy’s spades are winners; if he casts a heart, his side can no longer take a turn in it. If he throws another diamond, he lays bare his king.

Eventually, West threw away his last heart. Having a hand count meant that when declarer cashed ♠ AKQ and knew West had J ♠, he could play a fourth spade and West would win. Having only diamonds, he should lead one around South’s ♦ AQ, providing him with his 12th turn regardless of the K ♦ holder.

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