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Cost of a Thanksgiving Turkey in Each State

Turkeys are traditionally considered the center of Thanksgiving Day. This is why the president must pardon one every year, a symbol of mercy so that the feathered animals do not revolt against us. Most Thanksgiving meals are expected, which means you probably budgeted it in your shopping list. But, depending on what state you live in, the cost of a standard 15-pound turkey varies widely.

Finance Buzz broke down the cost of turkey, state by state. Hawaii and Alaska have the first and second most expensive turkey prices, at $50.35 and $49.85, respectively. The third most expensive state is over $10 cheaper than the second most expensive state. A 15-pound turkey in South Carolina costs $38.85. You can see the top 10 most expensive states for turkeys below, which only vary by pennies from South Carolina.

  • Hawaii $50.35
  • $49.85
  • South Carolina $38.85
  • $37.85
  • $37.85
  • California $37.35
  • Massachusetts $37.35
  • New Jersey $37.35
  • New York $37.35
  • Washington $37.35
  • Georgia $37.35

The 10 cheapest states to buy a Thanksgiving turkey in are significantly easier on the wallet than the 10 most expensive states, especially when balancing a tight budget.

  • Mississippi $26.35
  • $28.30
  • Utah $28.30
  • Iowa$29.10
  • Florida $29.80
  • Arizona $29.85
  • Louisiana $29.85
  • Nebraska $30.85
  • Oklahoma $31.20
  • New Mexico $31.35

Finance Buzz reports that the average American will spend an average of $2.28 per pound of turkey. When you consider how much you spend on an average hamburger from your favorite fast food joint, eating two pounds of turkey on Thanksgiving suddenly doesn’t seem too expensive.