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Reduce your cleaning product costs

Lynsey Crombie caught on ICT Tac share some Tesco-brand cleaning products that cost less and make the house as clean as more expensive branded products.

She said: “So you just have to walk into Tesco to find some of the great cleaning deals they have in store today. So right now in Tesco they have Lavender Dreams smelling great – it’s a liquid laundry detergent, you get 30 washes for £1.74.

“You can also get the soap filled pads – they are really good, when I was cleaning I used them all the time, you can get 10 for 90p which is amazing.

“An antibacterial washing up liquid you can get for 90p, or if you want to go non-antibacterial you have this one here which is rhubarb and rose and comes in at 49p.

“You can also get all in one dishwasher tablets, you can get 40 for £4 – they’re also lemon which is amazing. There’s a thick lemon bleach that comes in at 60p.

“There is a cream cleanser which is always a good product to have, this comes in at just 90p, again with the lemon scent. Then we have window and glass cleaner – this comes in at 95p. And you can also get it in a refill and it’s 75p. The thick sanitizer costs £1.30 and kills 99% of germs.

“All-purpose anti-bacterial cleaner that you can use all around the house, it’s an apple flavor and is 95p. And then, if you use wipes around the house, Tesco offers a multi-surface biodegradable wipe – these are degradable and are 80p. They also come in green, which is apple, again at 80p”.