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CP Kelco launches new dual-function gellan gum solution for the formulation of alternative beverages to dairy products

An innovative ingredient derived from fermentation can serve as an alternative to locust bean gum and allow simpler product labeling

ATLANTA, November 11, 2021 / CNW / – CP Kelco, a world leader in naturally derived ingredients, today announced the launch of KELCOGEL® DFA Gellan Gum, a single-ingredient, dual-function solution for formulating plant-based dairy alternatives.

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Most brands of alternative dairy drinks fortify their product with additional protein, calcium, and vitamins, which requires assistance to ensure that the micronutrients stay in suspension evenly. Plus, these drinks often contain locust bean gum as an additional texturing ingredient to provide the stickiness and mouthfeel that consumers expect. KELCOGEL® DFA Gellan Gum, CP Kelco’s latest innovation in the gellan gum product line, can help provide both the suspension and mouthfeel desired, allowing product developers to simplify their ingredient list.

“As consumer demand for alternative plant-based dairy drinks continues to increase, the supply and prices of locust bean gum have been volatile globally. Our new KELCOGEL® DFA gellan gum provides a proven alternative solution to replace or reduce locust bean gum in beverage formulations, ”said Shaw Gilmer, senior director of the Biogums strategic platform at CP Kelco. “With our latest grade of gellan gum, developers can come up with a simpler product label and potentially lower their total cost of use without compromising on quality.

While KELCOGEL® DFA Gellan Gum is the latest addition to CP Kelco’s portfolio, the development and innovation of the company’s dairy replacement beverage ingredients began many years ago. CP Kelco offers a range of nature-based solutions: NUTRAVA® Citrus Fiber is a food ingredient that improves body and mouth feel and provides partial suspension; GENU® Pectin and GENU® Carrageenan provide protein protection; and other KELCOGEL® Gellan Gum products provide an excellent suspension with low viscosity impact for herbal drinks. CP Kelco works with manufacturers around the world to help them create the mouthfeel, taste and texture that consumers are looking for.

As a leading nature-based stabilizer solution for alternative beverages to dairy products, KELCOGEL® Gellan Gum was first discovered by CP Kelco over 40 years ago as a bacterial culture in a lily pond. Today, gellan gum is produced by fermentation and it continues to advance in technological innovation.

About CP Kelco

CP Kelco is a natural ingredient solutions company with approximately 90 years of experience working with food, beverage, consumer and industrial product manufacturers around the world. We apply ingredient innovation and problem solving to develop customized solutions that leverage our regional knowledge, meet manufacturer goals, and meet consumer needs and preferences.

  • Unique portfolio. Produces a wide range of high quality, plant-based and fermentation-derived ingredients to formulate tailor-made solutions.

  • Technical excellence. Offers close collaboration with a global team of scientists and application experts, leveraging our state-of-the-art regional R&D facilities.

  • Durability. Committed to providing sourced ingredients and produced responsibly.

  • Market overview. Understands market and consumer trends to help customers create relevant and innovative products.

Our main product lines include pectin, gellan gum, xanthan gum, carrageenan, diutan gum, refined locust bean gum, microparticulate whey protein concentrate, cellulose derived from fermentation and our latest innovation, the citrus fiber NUTRAVA®. Learn more at www.cpkelco.com.



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