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Dhammika’s Royal Ceramics seeks entry into confectionery business – Business News


  • Renames a non-functional subsidiary to Biscuits and Chocolate Company Ltd
  • Biscuits and Chocolate Company owns 33 acres of land in Homgama

Billionaire businessman Dhammika Perera, controlled by Royal Ceramic Lanka (RCL) PLC, is set to embark on biscuit and chocolate production through its non-operating subsidiary Rocell Ceramics Limited, recently renamed Biscuits and Chocolate Company Limited .

According to a senior RCL official, the group has not yet taken a concrete decision on this company and it is still in the exploration phase. However, Rocell Ceramics Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of RCL, was renamed Biscuits and Chocolate Company Limited, as a first step in this potential business.

Biscuits and Chocolate Company Limited, which is an unlisted and non-operating entity of RCL, owns over 33 acres of land in Homgama, known as In Kiriwattuduwa Estate.

In 2019, the company re-secured the rights to the land, after having avoided the acquisition attempt by the Ministry of Lands, after concluding a memorandum of understanding with the Urban Development Authority (UDA). The land was valued at around 400 million rupees, according to the information available.

According to sources, the company plans to set up a chocolate and cookie factory, along with a cocoa plantation, targeting both local and export markets.

The company may also seek to explore the possibility of partnering with some of the industry’s largest global brands.