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Does chocolate malt beer actually contain chocolate?

Chocolate malt is usually made by roasting pale malt for a long time, explains Home Brew Answers. It adds flavor and color to largely dark beers, especially stouts, stouts and porters, notes Northern Brewer. The roasting process browns the malt and imparts a rich, bitter flavor comparable to that of chocolate, according to Serious Eats. By itself, the flavor is actually closer to that of coffee or cocoa powder than a chocolate bar, although it is possible to achieve a sweeter chocolate flavor like that of milk chocolate with the addition of sweeter malts, such as crystal malt, according to Home Brewer’s responses. Chocolate malt does not contain chocolate.

There are chocolate beers that contain real chocolate. In addition to chocolate malt, these beers may add chocolate in the form of chocolate essence, cocoa powder or cocoa nibs, which may be added at various stages of the brewing process, including brewing, l boiling, fermenting or aging, for different intensity. of flavors, according to Chocolatour. So if you’re looking for real chocolate in your beer, look for it in the ingredient list. If all you see is chocolate malt, know that your beer doesn’t contain real chocolate, even if it tastes like it.