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Eat, repeat: Mira Kapoor enjoyed these vegetarian meals while vacationing in Dubai

If there’s one foodie celebrity on Instagram that we all adore, it’s Mira Kapoor. The diva was recently on vacation in the United Arab Emirates, visiting Abu Dhabi and Dubai as part of her trip. And what would a vacation be without great food, right? Those who follow Mira Kapoor closely know that she follows a vegetarian diet. She took to Instagram to share a video of Reels with all the delicious vegetarian meals she devoured while on vacation in Dubai. The video has already received over 20.9,000 likes since its publication. Looked:

“Eat, eat, eat, repeat #foodiealert,” she captioned the article. Mira Kapoor went on to talk about how finding vegetarian food in the UAE was a big challenge for her. “Food for vegetarians like me in the UAE is a challenge; egg is considered vegetarian for entrees and basics like bread, pasta and even ice cream contain eggs, ”she wrote.

Mira Kapoor then spoke about the delicious cuisines she tasted in the countryside. She has always loved homemade food, which is why she specially asked her family friend to cook simple vegetarian dishes for her like Dal and Aloo Gobhi. “The Indian is basic and blah (I was quite surprised) and I really enjoyed a home cooked meal at a family friend’s house where I literally begged for gobhi aloo and yellow dal,” he said. she explained.

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Lebanese cuisine has several options for vegetarians.

Lebanese and Italian cuisine topped Mira Kapoor’s list in the UAE. A number of vegetarian options, spice levels, and options were the reason she ate Lebanese food virtually every other day. “The Italian was a savior and delicious grana Padano pasta, burrata and my favorite Italian dish Eggplant Parmigiana,” she added. She then listed some of her favorite dishes at several restaurants, including a specially prepared Japanese meal with hot maki rice and mushrooms.

Mira Kapoor then revealed the details of a delicious dessert in Bebabel, Dubai, which she really enjoyed despite not having a sweet tooth. She asked her followers to help her tag the dessert in the comments section!

We love how Mira Kapoor went out of her way with her UAE food recommendations! So if you are visiting Dubai and want to try some delicious vegetarian food, take notes in Mira Kapoor’s Food Diaries. What did you think of Mira Kapoor’s post? Tell us in the comments.

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