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Eclectic New Paltz Boutique Asks Customers To Help Stay Open


Every city has one, the store that seems to have been around forever. Kon Tiki in New Paltz is one of those places. I’ve always called it New Paltz’s “Spencer Gifts”. It’s not trendy, it’s not even full of things you might need but it’s full of fun. This is the store that people who visit New Paltz feel like they have to shop to feel like their trip is over.

Eclectic and mishmash combined Kon Tiki is the kind of place where you walk around out of curiosity and end up buying something because there is so much that you enviably buy because you find something you want. . That said, there are some items that repeat customers can only find at Kon Tiki, which is why for them it is sad to see today that the experience may be coming to an end.

Kon Tiki shared on his Facebook page today (September 30, 2021) that he will close as of tomorrow if he can raise funds to stay open. They set up a Go finance me support page. According to the post, it has to do with the current separation of the partnership.

It seems to me that Kon Tiki closed its doors a few years ago and at that point I felt like they were gone for good, but finally reopened. Today’s news seems to indicate that if the funds cannot be raised quickly, they will close again, this time it seems for good.

You can learn more and see customer feedback by following the Kon Tiki Facebook page.

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