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Essentials for the holiday season

The holiday season is in full swing, and with it, the holidays and the celebrations. Getting the right festive vibes, cheerful music, and the overall warm and welcoming holiday atmosphere can get stressful at times. But as long as you’ve got the libations flowing and plenty of great food and goodies for your guests, there’s a good chance everything will work out. Even if you have a guest or two, you can’t stand it.

We’ve rounded up a selection of essentials for holiday entertaining, including desserts, elegant bites and bubbles; some decorative selections if you need help in this department; and some hosting ideas in case you need some inspiration. Happy Holidays!

Marky’s caviar

Start the evening off right with caviar appetizers that will delight everyone. Marky’s Caviar is the country’s largest caviar maker. It offers a wide selection of gourmet gift boxes, perfect for entertaining. Good choices include the American Starter Kit, supplied with Bowfin; Hackleback; and spatula selections of your choice in size, or the Osetra Tasting Set which includes 1.0 oz of Osetra Karat Russian Caviar – Amber; 1.0 oz of Russian Ostre caviar; and 1.0 oz of Russian Osetra Special Caviar Reserve. Both sets include Russian blinis, crème fraîche, a mother-of-pearl spoon and more to make your bites special.

Passmore Ranch Caviar + Ribeye fed with olives from Sanuki Japan

Michael Passmore and Ittoryu GOZU Chef Marc Zimmerman have collaborated with A-Five Meats to deliver this unique caviar and wagyu pairing. For the ultimate vacation dinner, opt for this selection of 50g Passmore Ranch Reserve sturgeon caviar and a 16oz Ribeye Wagyu Sanuki Olive Fed (chilled from Japan).

Caviar is deeply complex, harvested only at maximum maturity. Buttery and balanced, it has a nutty finish that will make you want more. The rib eye couldn’t be more special, as its olive-finished wagyu comes from animals raised on Shodoshima Island in Kagawa Prefecture. Only four animals are harvested at a time here. These animals are fed sun-pressed olives which produce a high content of unsaturated fats (healthy fats) producing a surprisingly mottled product rich in unsaturated fats and oleic acid.

Olivieri 1882 | Classic panettone

Classic Panettone is the traditional Italian panettone cake that makes any holiday occasion even sweeter. Olivieri 1882 panettone is made with natural sourdough that goes through a double fermentation of 72 hours. The soft and dense bread is filled with 5 crown Australian raisins, candied oranges and little black dots of Tahitian Bourbon vanilla inside. 100% prepared by hand with respect for tradition, it is of unparalleled quality.

Cocktails on the rocks

Simplify accommodation with these premium ready-to-drink cocktails from On the Rocks Cocktails. Literally all you need is ice cream and topping if you feel like being even more festive. Usually, pre-made products are mediocre, but these chic craft cocktails are made with high-quality natural ingredients and spirits, including Knob Creek Bourbon Whiskey and Hornitos Tequila. They are available in six flavors, including Old Fashioned, Mai Tai, Margarita, The Aviation, The Cosmopolitan, and Jalapeno Pineapple Margarita.

Marky’s caviar

This premium gourmet food supplier has been around for over three decades and offers a wide selection of high-quality specialties, perfect for any holiday evening. From fresh winter truffles to foie gras, you can find it here and have it delivered straight to your doorstep. No party is complete without a charcuterie board, so check out their selection of hard and soft cheeses as well as a variety of meats ranging from duck prosciutto and iberico jamon to chorizo. And air-dried beef bresaola. Welcome idea: you can have your guests create their own charcuterie boards together for fun!

La Crema & Gran Moraine

Savor these two sparkling brut rosés, both made using the traditional champagne method at La Crema in the Russian River Valley and Gran Moraine in Yamhill-Carlton, Oregon. The sparkling La Crema offers white flowers, apples, lemon meringue, wild strawberries and fresh ginger on the nose and palate. The Gran Moraine sparkler offers aromas of pear, rose petal, brioche and wild strawberry, followed by juicy notes of mandarin and nectarine on the palate.

Nothing Bundt Cakes

Who doesn’t love moist, delicious, and frosty Bundt cakes? Rien Bundt Cakes offers a selection of super festive cakes, perfect for a centerpiece! Baking Spirits Bright Decorated Bundt Cake features reindeer antlers and Christmas lights and is available in a variety of flavors such as seasonal peppermint chocolate chips. Bundtlets or Bundtlet towers that are individually wrapped can make great stocking stuffers. Mix and match flavors like red velvet or white chocolate raspberry and choose from a variety of ribbon options. And finally, their Bundtini Bites are available by the dozen and can be personalized to add a festive top to their cake bites for your entire party.

Christmas king

If you are celebrating Christmas, chances are good that you are looking to have a spectacular tree in your home. That said, real trees can sometimes be a pain to get into your home. Pine needles everywhere, unpredictable mess, constant watering … make your life easier this holiday season with King Of Christmas, a boutique tree company specializing in lifelike artificial Christmas trees. Choose from a variety of trees ranging in height from 6 feet to 15 feet with pre-lit or unlit units as well as color combinations of flocked trees or green trees.

“If you’re like most of our customers, you think some of the best vacation memories are born when family gathers around the Christmas tree,” says Sol Lakein, director of consumer sales and marketing. “Our mission is to help bring your Christmas to life this holiday season, by providing you with the best quality of life like Christmas trees available today. “

There are solid, slim, or tabletop shapes in a collection that features King Douglas Fir, King Flock, King Frasir Fir, Queen Flock, Prince Flock, Tribeca Spruce, Royal Fir, Cyprus Spruce, Yorkshire Fir, Noble Fir, Duchess or Scarlet Fir.

Tony’s Chocolonely

Are you looking for the best chocolate that also has an important mission behind it? Look no further than Tony’s Chocolonely, a company whose mission is to eradicate modern slavery from the global chocolate trade. This company works to educate the industry about these issues, while making indulgent chocolate using its own sourcing principles and standards that it hopes other chocolate producers will follow.

These are premium chocolate bars offered in unique flavors that include white raspberry popcorns, dark chocolate milk pretzel caramel, black pecan coconut, honey and chocolate nougat. almonds and more. This year, the holiday flavors are dark chocolate candy cane and milk chocolate gingerbread. Welcome idea: mini-bars are also great gifts!

Q Mixers & Spirits

Festive parties are all about cocktails, so it’s time to upgrade your bar cart with your spirits and carbonated mixers. Q mixers come in favor of ginger ale, tonic, hibiscus ginger ale, grapefruit and more and are just what you need to spice up any cocktail. All natural ingredients and no artificial preservatives make this brand ideal to pair with premium spirits.

For those who prefer clear spirits, Double Cross Vodka is an ultra-premium artisanal vodka from Slovakia that is seven times distilled and seven times diamond filtered.

For those who love whiskey, try Maker’s Mark FAE-02, Maker’s Mark’s latest entry in its innovative and limited series of wood finishes. It has been specially designed to be rich in texture, inspired by the full-bodied texture of deliciously fatty foods like cultured butters and olive oils.

Max Brenner

Everyone loves chocolate, so make sure you have a shareable selection at your party! New York-based Max Brenner offers a wide variety of decadent chocolate options. Made from high quality cocoa beans, these chocolate creations are handcrafted and are sure to put a smile on everyone’s face! Faithful to the French tradition, Max Brenner chocolate pralines are handcrafted in the form of delicious little cubes.

Heather ceramic

For the celebrations of this holiday season, the Heath Ceramics Cranberry Rim Serving Tray is a stopping vessel for showcasing seasonal dishes. A perfect centerpiece for any dining table, the top has a rimmed edge for easy picking and serving. Matte Cranberry is a limited edition frosting from the Winter Seasonal 2021 collection. Heath Ceramics has been making dinnerware and tiles for over half a century at its factory in Sausalito, California.

Schaller & Weber x The Truffleist “Truffe Brat”

Imagine your classic party dish with these juicy pork brats. A limited-edition collaborative product from Schaller & Weber, an over 80-year-old German butcher in New York City known for its very high-quality meats and imported German specialties, and the Truffleist, a well-known Long Island City food supplier. for its artisanal products made from truffles imported from the countryside of Italy, France and Spain, these kids are made with 2% black winter truffles. Unlike most truffle products which are made with artificially flavored truffle oils, this is real business.

Cameron Hughes

This The Californian winemaker, best known for running what’s called a trading model, offers top-notch bottles at unbeatable prices, like a $ 100 Brunello for just $ 30, a $ 60 Pinot for under $ 20. , and more. Be festive with bottles of their Sparkling Rosé with flavors of fresh strawberry and Bing cherry on the palate.