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From Army to America

For Pakistan, there are grave omens – it undermines, in every respect, civilian leadership and its ability to deal with difficult situations. He himself is responsible for the loss of his status and his deep doubts about his powers to get the country out of the impasse in which it finds itself.

The public lost faith, institutions too – military, judicial and especially international organizations. Some observers have noted that the institutions are locked in a power struggle.

The assumption is that General Bajwa spoke to the US official without the knowledge of civilian leaders. It is the civilian leadership under Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, despite its desperate efforts to secure an IMF loan and having struck the deal at the staff level, that is nowhere near getting it.

General Bajwa represents the most powerful institution of his country, the army, which is everywhere in all the affairs of Pakistan. It deals with internal affairs as well as foreign policy.

It’s no surprise, then, that the army chief has established his own protocol for doing things in the interests of his country. When others fail in Pakistan, the army intervenes.

This has happened in the past too, although there is a difference. Previously, the military, when it was not in power, and it has been in power in Pakistan for a number of years, used to deal with foreign governments on defense cooperation, its Full-fledged direct involvement in financial and foreign policy matters was never so brazen.