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“Give A Spit” on your health in 2022


JScreen.org Launches New York Times Billboard Ads Set to Debut in Times Square on New Years Eve and Robust Social Media Movement

JScreen.org -Saving Lives Through Genetic Testing- That’s What We Do!

NEW YORK, December 30, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Jscreen.org, a national non-profit organization that provides accessible and affordable genetic testing, education and personalized support to help individuals and their families take charge of their health, announces the ‘Give a pin “ campaign that begins with a New York Times billboard on December 31, 2021. The campaign breaks with the New York Times Billboard and will continue with a strong social media campaign. The campaign is also running on www.jscreen.org and JScreen social media channels. JScreen.org’s mission is to create a healthy future by preventing genetic diseases. And this year, they’re calling on people to help spread that message.

The purpose of the billboard and social media ‘Give a pin “ is to get people to use #giveaspit and shoot their own video spitting into a cup. The program debuts on New Years Eve with the Times Square billboard at 45e and Broadway and leads to a 2022 social media challenge. JScreen calls for help to raise awareness about genetic testing and its power to save lives. It’s simple. Go to JScreen Instagram page @GetJScreened or use the QR code in the bulletin board:

1. Follow @getjscreened
2. Record a video of you spitting into a cup and why you are “spitting”.
3. Publish it in your stories with the #GiveASpit and tag @getjscreened
4. Also identify and name three friends to donate a Spit.

For more information visit jscreen.org/specialoffer

“Our # 1 goal is to create a healthy future by preventing genetic diseases through genetic testing and education. By 2022, says Hillary Regelman, Director of National Outreach and Marketing at JScreen. “We ask for your help in making this future a reality by raising awareness and showing your support for the life-saving power of genetic testing,” adds Regelman.

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Instagram page @GetJScreened via QR code in the bulletin board

The advertising and social media project is created in cooperation with JIB Sheet Partners, a digital advertising agency located in New York City.

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the JScreen test on saliva screens for over 200 inherited diseases and over 60 mutations associated with certain types of cancer. By raising awareness about genetic testing, JScreen.org can help more families realize their dreams of having healthy children and provide others with vital information for the early detection and prevention of many hereditary cancers.

About JScreen.

JScreen is a national, non-profit public health initiative dedicated to the prevention of genetic diseases and cancer common in Jewish populations and others. Based at Atlanta at Emory University School of Medicine, the JScreen provides convenient in-home access to cutting-edge genetic testing technology, patient education and genetic counseling services. JScreen believes that the combination of education, access to leading genetic testing technologies and personalized and confidential support are the keys to preventing devastating diseases.

JScreen understands the importance of warning people if they are at hereditary risk of cancer. This nonprofit home education and genetic screening program began in 2013 with reproductive genetic testing called ReproGEN and now tests the risk of over 40 types of inherited cancer with the addition of the CancerGEN test.

One of JScreen goals is to make testing affordable. ReproGEN currently costs $ 149, and CancerGEN is $ 199. JScreen also offers financial assistance as needed.

Proof of JScreen’s passion for saving lives is in the amazing stories they hear, the healthy babies born, and the people who can now take action to avoid a cancer diagnosis. As the JScreen team like to say – “we are a small team with a huge footprint.”

JScreen The program is led by health professionals at an academic medical center. It offers medical-grade tests used in medical practices as well as specialized genetic counseling by telephone or videoconference for people identified as carriers.

Please visit JScreen.org for more information.

For media interviews and more information, contact:
Stacey bender
[email protected]


JScreen.org launches New York Times poster ad set to debut in Times Square on New Years Eve and robust social media movement

JScreen.org launches New York Times Billboard Ad Set to debut in Times Square on New Years Eve and robust social media movement



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