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Gooey on the Inside is the cookie company that bakes to perfection – in the oven long enough to be crisp on the outside, but tasty and gooey on the inside.

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Is there anything more delicious than a fresh-baked cookie that is chewy on the outside and gooey on the inside? Kafi Dublin doesn’t think so! Kafi is the founder of a cookie company called Gooey on the Inside (@gooeyondinside) that makes delicious cookies in a range of flavors from classics like chocolate chips to creative inventions like churro and Dunkaroo cookies!

While Kafi is an expert baker now, it hasn’t always been that way. Prior to founding Gooey on the Inside, Kafi worked for local government. At one point, she realized that she was not feeling satisfied with herself. job and wanted a change.

“I was like, ‘Am I really happy with what I’m doing? Do I want to do this for another 10 years? I want to do something that makes me happy, ”she told In The Know. “And then I said, ‘Okay, what’s my passion? “”

After some introspection, Kafi opted for pastry. She explains: “I have this thing that I really appreciate baked goods, and they must be slimy on the inside. So I said, ‘You know what? Let me try the cookies.

Over time, Kafi stopped selling his cookies to the pop-UPS, when renting a shared flat food, to have his own shop. Now she’s trying to push herself to find inventive new cookie flavors that will satisfy her ever-expanding customer base.

Kafi’s creative cookie flavors include birthday cake, churro, and even Dunkaroos! “I try not to bake cookies like everyone else does. So I try to bring little twists to it, ”she told In The Know. “I think I was probably one of the first companies to make a Dunkaroo biscuit. No one did it before, and I loved Dunkaroos as child, so I said, “Well, why don’t I make it a cookie?” I did the same with a churro. So I like to think outside the box and not be like everyone else. “

Gooey on the Inside has a showcase in New York City, but if you can’t make it to the Big Apple, don’t worry! Gooey on the Inside ships its cookies throughout the United States.

Kafi tells In The Know how she developed an ingenious method to keep cookies fresh when they are delivered. “What we do is pre-bake cookies. So instead of cooking them the entire time, we cook them halfway and then put them in a vacuum sealed bag with an oxygen insert so that it just removes the moisture, ”she explains. “When you get them residence, you cook them and they are pretty much like you took them out of the oven from the store.

Kafi’s main goal is to continue to think outside the box when it comes to its cookie business. She is currently working on developing baking kits that will allow her customers to make their own delicious Gooey on the Inside cookies at residence.

“I think the next thing I want to do is increase the product line to maybe have home cooking kits,” she explains. “We [also] used to have a cookie butter, which is a spreadable cookie. So I think we’ll bring this back maybe for the spring of next year. That’s pretty much where we are at the moment in terms of the things we want to do.

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