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Government and private partners seek to revive Davao Cocoa Board

SOLID FIXATION. Fifty-three stakeholders sign a pledge of engagement with the Davao Region Department of Industry (DTI-11) to collaborate in reviving the regional cocoa council. With the reactivation of the council, the DTI-11 expresses its confidence, Tuesday, June 7, 2000, that more achievements will be made by the industry to promote cocoa in the Davao region. (Photo courtesy of DTI-11)

THE CITY OF DAVAO – The Davao Region Department of Commerce and Industry (DTI-11) has partnered with industry partners to revive the regional cocoa council.

“Together with the Department of Agriculture (DA), we are moving towards the reactivation of our Cocoa Council to further develop the industry and promote inclusive growth among value chain actors,” the Director of the Cocoa Council said on Tuesday. DTI-11, Maria Belenda Ambi.

The Davao Regional Cocoa Industry Council (DRCIC), a private sector-led organization, was established to increase private sector participation in the development of government programs, activities and initiatives that meet to the needs and requirements of the actors in the value chain.

A total of 53 of DRCIC’s stakeholders signed the Memorandum of Engagement with government agencies during the Cocoa Industry Strategic Planning Workshop on May 12-13, 2022.

“We are pleased that 53 representatives from government agencies, provincial cocoa boards, cocoa industry experts, producers, processors and traders from the region have contributed to the strategic plan. This was the council’s first strategic planning workshop since its inception in 2015,” Ambi said.

Since its inception, the council has helped pave the way for the recognition of Davao City as the Chocolate Capital of the Philippines and the Davao Region as the Cocoa Capital of the Philippines, as stipulated in the law of the Republic No. 115471.

“Cocoa farmers in the region have also achieved international recognition for producing the finest quality cocoa beans. In fact, at the International Cocoa Awards (ICA) 2021, a prestigious international competition involving more than 50 cocoa producing countries, two farmers from the region won gold and silver medals,” said Ambi.

DTI-11 Deputy Regional Director Delia Ayano said the DRCIC will be the main coordination mechanism for all Philippine government policies, programs and initiatives in partnership with the private sector to develop the industry.

“The council’s target is to produce 40,000 metric tons per year of dried fermented cocoa beans with a productivity level of two kilograms per tree per year by the end of 2027,” said Ayano, also the national coordinator. Simultaneous DTI for the cocoa industry cluster. . (NAP)