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Hawaii-based Maui Keto Treats Serves a Wide Variety of Best Tasting Keto Bake Mixes

Check out the #1 line of mouth-watering Keto Baking Mixes that not only taste delicious, but taste as good as they taste.

Maui, Hawaii, United States – Maui Keto Treats, a start-up located on the beautiful island of Maui Hawaii, is pleased to offer a wide variety of next-gen Keto baking mixes. Maui Keto Treats is a family owned business that seeks to meet the growing consumer demand for innovative and healthy Keto food products. The company’s product line features indigenous blends combined with new flavors to provide an exceptional snacking experience for users. Despite its humble beginnings in late 2019, today Maui Keto Treats has become one of the leading providers with customers across the United States.

“We are thrilled to offer some of the best Keto Baking Mixes available on the market,” says Cathy Pellazar, co-owner of Maui Keto Treats. “Each of our blends is hand-crafted one at a time for the freshest, most precise batch. Our Maui Macadamia Nuts are grown and harvested in Wailuku, Maui and roasted under our Maui sunshine with a hint of fresh sea salt.

The brainchild of mother-son duo, Cathy & Jarrett Pellazar, Maui Keto Treats is a family business that is committed to bringing nutritious and delicious food. Keto Baking Mixes for people to enjoy. The company uses the finest and freshest ingredients in all of its Keto blends. They offer a delicious selection of Keto-friendly, low-carb, no-sugar-added baking mixes and fresh Macadamia nuts from Maui. The wide selection of blends available on their site is sure to delight customers and satiate their taste buds.

The company’s flagship chocolate butter pound mix became an instant hit with consumers. Other mixes that customers can choose from include Carnival Funnel Cakes, Hot Buttercream Cake Mix, Ube Cream Cheese Sweet Cake Donut Mix and many more.

“You can choose to be adventurous with our recently launched innovative flavors, or keep it simple with classic chocolate or buttercream blends. Either way, we promise you’ll enjoy every moment of it,” says Jarrett. “This is just the beginning and we will continue to introduce mouth-watering new blends in the months to come.”

Maui Keto Treats has a growing list of loyal customers who simply love their products and have shared positive reviews.

“I love your keto treats. It’s simple to make and tasty. I will definitely be ordering more,” says Corie P Konen, a satisfied customer.

“It was my first time trying something keto and I was not disappointed,” says Sheri Bacos, another satisfied customer.

Currently, the company delivers orders all over the United States, as well as some countries. Local consumers can also place or pick up their orders at their partner stores located in Maui, Hawaii.

“At Maui Keto Treats, we put your health and safety first during a pandemic,” says Jarrett. “We offer fast delivery and shipping services, so you can enjoy your favorite blend without having to leave the comfort of your home.”

The company has designed a user-friendly e-commerce site for retail buyers. Interested buyers can browse the site and search for the products based on the product category. They can place their orders directly on the site.

Maui Keto Treats also offers wholesale pricing for consumers who buy their products in bulk. To place a bulk order, consumers can complete the online inquiry form on the company’s website and provide the required details.

The company’s product team strongly believes that creativity and innovation will be the game changer when it comes to winning the hearts of Keto connoisseurs and enthusiasts.

Today, Maui Keto Treats boasts of several satisfied customers who keep coming back to order their favorite Keto Baking Mixes and Breads. The company is committed to providing its customers with a unique experience by continually offering new flavors based on its research and user feedback. The company’s commitment to customer satisfaction is unmatched, making it a company that customers are proud to associate with and recommend to others. And this is the secret of the company’s remarkable growth since its inception.

About Maui Keto Treats

Maui Keto Treats, a family owned and operated business, is based in Maui, Hawaii, USA. Established in late 2019, the company offers a delicious selection of low carb products, keto-friendly baking mixes and bread.

For more company information and other inquiries, email or contact us through their website.

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