Chocolate Industry

Healthy desserts are booming

America’s passion for healthier desserts continues to migrate in many directions.

On the consumer side, VEDGEco, a national wholesaler of 100% plant-based foods, announces the launch of the Planted Chef Challenge: Bakery Edition, a campaign that encourages independent bakeries across the country to vegan one of their products. of popular bakeries.

“The demand for plant-based foods, including baked goods, has never been higher,” said Trevor Hitch, CEO of VEDGEco. “By adding plant-based options to their menus, independent bakeries can increase foot traffic, meet consumer demand and improve their bottom line. We’re excited to see (and taste!) What they create. “

The participating bakeries are:

Yes Pastries, Philadelphia (, prepare a rich “chocolate flowerpot” with a chocolate cake, a balsamic dark chocolate ganache, strawberries and a chocolate shortbread.

Starburst Lounge, Las Vegas (, makes Mexican hot chocolate brownies with three types of chocolate, hints of cinnamon and toasted pecans, drizzled with chocolate and dusted with sweet and spicy chipotle powder. They are 100% plant-based, sugar-free and gluten-free.

Pop Goes the Waffle, Tampa Bay, (, creates a vegan cork waffle topped with melted ForA: butter, cinnamon sugar, fresh banana slices, vegan caramel sauce and vegan whipped cream.

Baked AF, Cleveland (, makes a Vegan Toaster Strudel with ForA: Butter, JUST egg, Field Roast sausages and Daiya cheese.

Each participating bakery received ForA: Butter, a Michelin-starred chef approved plant-based butter that bakes, cooks, spreads and tastes like traditional butter and can be used 1: 1 in every baking application.

VEDGEco’s mission is to allow freedom of choice of food at mealtime. Available to restaurants and other foodservice businesses, VEDGEco ships its carefully curated selection of versatile plant-based products in foam-free, recyclable and compostable packaging for as little environmental impact as possible.

Bold New Chocolate

On the supply side, Puratos USA, a Belgian supplier of bakery and chocolate ingredients, has announced a new step in its health and well-being journey with the launch of Chocolate with traces of cocoa with reduced dark sugar content Belcolade Selection.

Made with all-natural chicory root fibers instead of high-intensity sweeteners like stevia or aspartame, the latest addition to the Belcolade Selection premium range contains 40% less sugar and is 100% natural, using only clean ingredients to create a perfectly balanced flavor with bright, fruity and sweet roasted cocoa notes.

This bold new chocolate is also made from sustainably sourced cocoa beans from Puratos’ unique Cacao-Trace sustainability program, which uses expert fermentation techniques to produce premium chocolate and rewards its cocoa farmers with a chocolate bonus of 0.05 USD per lb of chocolate sold. This can add up to 1 to 2 months of extra pay for farmers.

“We are relentlessly focused on making products with the best nutritional value possible, without compromising on taste, texture or quality,” said Jaina Wald, vice president of marketing for Puratos USA. “We know that chocolatiers, pastry chefs and bakers want the best tasting chocolate for their customers, and consumers are more focused than ever on improving their health and well-being. Now they can come together for a gourmet chocolate experience.

Belcolade Selection reduced sugar chocolate can be used in a wide range of applications, from truffles and tablets to cakes and brownies. With exceptional technical expertise and a team of world-class pastry and chocolate makers at your disposal, the Puratos team is ready to work with you on concepts, ideas and fully finished recipes that bring together the best of three worlds: taste. , health, and sustainability.