High Street beauty brand The Body Shop to go fully vegan by 2023

Beauty brand The Body Shop has championed cruelty-free cosmetics since its inception in 1976 and was the first global beauty brand to fight animal testing.

Today, the company is going even further with its ethics as it prepares to become fully vegan by 2023 by reformulating its entire range of products.

The Body Shop, now owned by Natura & Co, has announced that it is removing ingredients such as honey and lanolin from its product line and that it will become a fully vegan business by the end of 2023.

There is also more good news for conscious consumers, as all of its products will be certified by the Vegan Society, making them the first global beauty brand to receive this prestigious accreditation.

The Body Shop currently offers a wide range of vegan-friendly beauty products such as its line of food waste bubble baths and its tanning line. To make it easy for consumers to find its vegan products, The Body Shop has clearly labeled vegan sections on its website.

The Body Shop charging stations

In keeping with its green credentials, The Body Shop is not only going vegan, but has also announced big plans to make it easier for consumers to reduce their plastic waste by deploying charging stations in 500 of its UK stores this year. .

The global brand doesn’t stop there either, as it will roll out another 300 globally in 2022 so customers can choose to refill their favorite products rather than buy them in new packaging every time.

The Body Shop currently offers a recycling program where customers can return their empty bins and tubes to stores for recycling and is expanding the program to 800 stores in 14 markets around the world by the end of the year.

“ Vegan beauty is a crucial next step ”

Despite being one of the first animal rights advocates in the beauty industry, The Body Shop was criticized when it was taken over by L’Oréal in 2006. Many fans of the brand have been disappointed by this decision and felt that it went against the philosophy of The Body Shop as L’Oréal refuses to adopt company-wide policies against animal testing for its ingredients and finished products. .

Since being taken over by Brazilian beauty firm Natura & Co in 2017, The Body Shop has worked hard to return to its roots by championing cruelty-free beauty and alternative methods to animal testing.

Talk to Global cosmetics news“Lionel Thoreau, Global Brand Director, The Body Shop, explained,” Our decision to go 100% vegan is a natural next step for The Body Shop. Thanks to our founder Anita Roddick, we were the first beauty company to fight animal testing in cosmetics, and the first major global beauty brand to use cruelty-free musk in our fragrances.

“Vegan beauty is a crucial next step in our sustainability and environmental efforts. This, combined with our global in-store recharge and recycling programs, makes The Body Shop a destination for ethical shoppers. “

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