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Huge increases at Costa Coffee push prices to £6.15 a cup

HUGE increases at coffee giant Costa have pushed prices up to £6.15 a cup, a Sun investigation has found.

The cafe chain’s 2,600 outlets across the UK now charge £6 for upgraded versions of its lattes and cappuccinos.


Costa has seen its prices soar to £6.15 a cup, with more than 2,600 outlets charging sky-high prices for upgraded versions of its drinks.Credit: Getty

They include exotic beers with extra shots, specialty milks and marshmallows, cream or chocolate toppings. But the same drinks can cost an extra 15p at airports.

Sarah Coles, of investment firm Hargreaves Lansdown, said: ‘These prices – albeit for coffees with added extras – are really tempting.

Elsewhere, the cost of living crisis has pushed the typical price of a coffee in all hospitality venues up 3.5 per cent to £2.88 since February.

The average price in pubs and bars rose 4.4% to £3.24 a cup.
In cafes and sandwich shops they rose 3.1% to £2.94.

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And the success is even greater in the cheaper segment of the market, with a beer from Greggs up 5% at £1.90.

However, Starbucks bucked the trend with a 0.8% decline, according to analysts Lumina Intelligence’s Menu Tracker report.