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Huge racecourse at Birrarung Marr for the production of Peter Pan

Donnell’s production company, Impresario, has secured the rights to the design and key components for the London production and will produce with an Australian creative team at the under-construction racecourse in Melbourne.

“I currently have the biggest shipping project I have ever undertaken with goods coming from all over the world,” he said. “From Italy, from London, from China, we have stuff coming from all over Australia, the whole stage system is made in Melbourne as we speak,” he said. “The set is being built in Melbourne, so it’s a massive undertaking.”

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The actors rise above the stage in the London production of Peter Pan.

A hippodrome was the name of an outdoor course for horse and chariot racing in ancient Greece and Rome, but also refers to a music hall, variety theater or circus.

Birrarung Marr Racecourse is designed so that each seat is 20 meters from the stage and will feature over 1,000 square meters of high-resolution 360-degree digital stage projections, the size of three IMAX screens, to help tell the Peter Pan story.


A 30 meter high exterior frame will support the racecourse and a 12 meter wide revolving stage will allow for automation and trapdoors.

The production combines technology and theater and will include digital stage projections and CGI (computer-generated image) special effects alongside live action.

“For us now it is about restoring the industry, bringing people back. We have a lot of work to do to bring people back into the industry and bring the audience back, and then give them the confidence to come back. in the theater,” Donnell said.

“I found that Melbourne audiences are early adopters of theatre, that they will embrace and support the new.”

Lord Mayor Sally Capp said Peter Pan would attract visitors from all over to the heart of the city and stimulate businesses near the theatre, supporting local jobs.

“Melbourne is the undeniable theatrical capital of Australia,” she said.

“It’s great to see so many theatergoers in the city for pre-show shopping and a bite to eat at one of our fabulous restaurants.”

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