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Imran warns of ‘tsunami of people’ in Islamabad unless polls are announced – Pakistan

Pakistani Tehreek-e-Insaf President Imran Khan said on Friday that a nation can only become great if it breaks the chains of fear.

Addressing a public rally in Mardan, the ousted prime minister urged people to “break the shackles of fear by heeding my call” for the public rally in Islamabad.

“No general can become great unless he overcomes the fear of death,” he said. “A batsman can only become great if he overcomes the fear of fast bowlers. A bowler cannot become great if he cowers after being beaten.

He urged young people to turn out in record numbers at the Islamabad protest to pressure the coalition government to hold snap elections.

He then defined who he considers to be part of the youth.

‘Anyone younger than me is a young person. If you are under 70, you are young,” he said.

Imran also tweeted about the turnout.


Speaking about the alleged plot which he says led to his ousting, Imran said he warned against his outcome.

“When I found out about the plot, I told people who could stop the plot about its impact on Pakistan’s economy,” he said without naming the military.

“I even sent them the then finance minister, Shaukat Tarin, but to no avail. These ‘neutrals’ did not prevent the regime change plot from succeeding,” he continued.

Earlier in the day, he had said the same in a series of tweets about the state of Pakistan’s economy which has seen the value of the rupee plummet. The stock market has also taken a hit with investor confidence shaken as inflation runs rampant.

As in previous public rallies, starting in his hometown of Mianwali on May 6, Imran repeated his calls for a snap election.

“Give us a date for the elections,” he told indicted supporters in Mardan.

As at previous public rallies, Imran spoke about US involvement in the plot. He said the trio of current Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, PPP co-chairman Asif Zardari and PDM leader Fazlur Rehman colluded with the foreign power to orchestrate his ouster.

“The faces of all the Mir Jafars are etched in my memory.”

After launching his campaign in Mianwali on April 6, Imran staged “power shows” in Abbottabad, Jhelum and Attock, with Mardan being his final stop. He is due to address Sialkot supporters on Saturday (tomorrow).