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Independence From Meat Day 2021: From Tofu Nuggets to Mushroom Stroganoff, Here Are Five Vegetarian and Vegan Dishes That Can Replace Meat


Independence From Meat Day is a great time to ditch meat for a day and see if the particular meatless lifestyle is something you want to pursue for the long haul. Celebrated annually on July 4, Independence From Meat Day encourages people to follow the vegetarian diet for a day, to promote the benefits of a meatless diet not only on health but also on the environment. Many studies suggest that vegetarians have lower cholesterol levels and don’t suffer from heart problems. It also reduces emissions of carbon and other greenhouse gases caused by many food production processes. However, many are reluctant to adopt a vegetarian lifestyle, as it is a universal belief that vegetables just don’t taste as good as meat. Regardless of the fact that by replacing vegetables in your diet, you avoid consuming pesticides, mercury, lead, arsenic, steroids, and carcinogens that are injected into animals, people still seek their fried chicken like it ran out of style. However, should you ever come across a good Jacquier Burget or biryani, you would look for friends of green products. Here are five vegetarian or vegan dishes that can replace meat.

Everyone loves a good nugget. especially a chicken nugget. But have you ever tried a crispy tofu nugget that will make you ask for more? Although not a vegetable, this plant-based soy ingredient is a great source of vegetable protein and has a texture similar to meat. This vegan take on the traditional nugget has punchy flavors and a damn delicious taste. Look for it and try it on Meat Independence Day.

If you crave meaty flavors, mushrooms are your go-to plant-based vegetable. Umami flavors are a great substitute for your daily meat and vegetable diet. The wide array of mushrooms on the market are healthy, delicious, and make for mouthwatering dishes. Mushroom Stroganoff is quick, easy, and delicious to start. They are very comforting dishes and extremely rich in states. This healthy take on your classic beef stroganoff will keep the craving for meat at bay.

If you are a die-hard steak and potato fan, you must have jackfruit in your life. This plant-based meat substitute is surprisingly delicious and quite healthy. Jackfruit in savory dishes is a real treat every day. Jackfruit burgers and steaks are a great replacement for your average meat variety and are also extremely healthy and delicious.

Eggplant is probably the most used vegetable in a meatless diet. It is ubiquitous in any vegan restaurant around the world and can be used in salads, pizzas, parmigiana, etc. If you want to change it up and try something interesting, try an eggplant burger, which is vegan and quite healthy. You can complement them with caramelized onions, mayonnaise, mustard for a delicious festival of flavors.

We all love our spaghetti and meatballs, but have you ever tried a vegetarian version? Made from lentils, meatballs have the same meaty texture, but they’re low in fat and cholesterol. They are quite filling and can replace any minced meat.

It is a misconception that by becoming a vegetarian you have to sacrifice all of your favorite foods. Any meat dish can be replaced with vegetables any day. So give these delicious foods a try and see for yourself how giving up meat might not be the end of the world. On the contrary, it just might save the world.

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