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Innovative startups ride the wave from well-being to growth


NEW DELHI: Startups ride the wave from wellness to growth as India emerges from pandemic crisis.
While the wellness industry has flourished due to the demand for traditional and alternative practices, consumers are currently exploring new options as the focus has shifted to health, nutrition, fitness and lifestyle. preventive health care.
Power Gummies, for example, have come up with a new way to get people to take vitamins. Founded by Divij Bajaj in 2018, the startup wants to break the fear of drugs with chewable vitamin candies. These pretty, scientifically backed gummies are vegan based with little or no added sugar.
“In the nutraceutical space, the gummy is the best-selling alternative in the West,” said Divij Bajaj, Founder and CEO of Power Gummies. “We expect the same boom in India and South Asia. Our goal is to ride the wave with the leading edge, best technology and efficiency in its class.
Nilay Mehrotra, founder of Janani.life realized that awareness of sexual health in India is quite low especially due to taboos and misconceptions.
The startup was launched in April this year and claims to be one of the fastest growing wellness brands in India, which combines technology with medical expertise to provide affordable solutions to wellness issues. -be sexual, reproductive health and fertility.
In the first two months of launch, the company said it had grown more than 100% MoM in terms of website visitors and was on track to grow by around 300% in number of orders for her semen tests in Bangalore alone.
Likewise, Redcliffe Hygiene was incubated in April 2017 and relaunched as a toilet seat disinfectant under the Pee Safe brand, originally developed in 2013 by Vikas Bagaria, Srijana Bagaria and Dheeraj Jain.
PeeSafe works in the manufacturing industry of products related to feminine hygiene and sexual well-being and helps consumers fight health problems caused by unsanitary conditions.
Over the past four years, the company has expanded into several categories of personal hygiene, including feminine hygiene (pads, tampons, cups), male intimate hygiene, female grooming, sexual wellness, hand hygiene, face masks and mists.
It achieved an average growth rate of 200% of its revenue in the first three years of operation, growing by 80% in the last fiscal year despite the pandemic. The company expects growth of more than 100% in three years, bringing its domestic revenue to $ 30 million by fiscal year 2022-2023.
Pranav Malhotra, Founder of TruNativ, said: “Lifestyle nutrition is a vastly under-explored category in India. 73% of urban Indians suffer from protein deficiency, making India the hotbed of lifestyle-related illness incidents 1B. We believe this market has enormous potential.
Malhotra started the nutraceutical division in 2019 with the import of proteins and bio-actives, generating a turnover of 5 million dollars. Realizing the nutritional deficiency in normal Indian households, he introduced Raw Whey and decided to enter the D2C market with TruNativ.
The startup intends to roll out smart new nutrition products and a full oat fiber breakfast to drink with real fruit. It is also exploring several SKU launches in the coming months with the intention of becoming the “family” FMCG nutrition brand.
In the beverage segment, Raskik was founded by former Coca-Cola veterans Vikas Chawla, Abhay Parnerkar and Satyajit Ram. As sugary sodas face strong headwinds, they bet Indian consumers are looking for healthier alternatives.
A millennial-centric brand, Raskik has built a portfolio of natural fusion drinks at current prices, such as coconut water and the fusion of real fruit juices, with no preservatives or artificial ingredients.
“Growing awareness of health and wellness is driving change in all industries,” said Vikas Chawla, co-founder of Raskik. “The Covid-19 crisis has put it on everyone’s mind again and it is no longer a niche game. Affordable products focused on health and wellness will be a game-changer for many industries. ”