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Long John Silver’s is now testing vegan crab cakes and fish fillets


Long John Silver’s, the largest seafood fast food chain in the United States, just launched its first plant-based menu item in select locations in California and Georgia. The chain is testing plant-based crab cake and vegan fish fillet in five locations, delivering a whole new form of plant-based protein to the fast food market. Vegan products were developed by plant-based seafood pioneer Good Catch Foods.

Customers will be able to order the new menu options a la carte or as a meal in Long John Silver’s new plant-based platter, consisting of two fillets without fish, two cakes without crab and two sides. The new items can also be ordered as a meal that includes the herbal appetizer alongside two sides including French fries, green beans and corn.

“We are excited to propel the change in quick service restaurants by partnering with Long John Silver’s,” said Christine Mei, CEO of Good Catch’s parent company, Gathered Foods. “With the plant-based seafood industry expected to grow twelve-fold over the next ten years to reach $ 1.3 billion, there is room for dramatic growth. We pride ourselves on fueling momentum by delivering the delicious taste, unrivaled texture, and comparable protein consumers love.

Long John Silver’s aims to attract more customers with the introduction of its plant-based fish products. The company’s vegan push is an attempt to expand its consumer base as demand for plant-based protein and especially vegan seafood grows. Patricia Kreiss, California franchise owner Long John Silver who oversees one of the test sites, believes the move will hit new customers, allowing the company to gain popularity with a consumer-based base. of plants.

“I think California itself, we have such a diverse population with so many different cultures that you have to offer things up and see if that will attract people and whether or not it will be okay or not,” Kreiss said. “Now it’s obvious not everyone is plant-based, but 25% of Americans are and they need it because California itself is always at the forefront of innovation and we offer it for the rest of the United States. . “

Good Catch’s partnership with Long John Silver’s marks the first time a national seafood chain has incorporated plant-based seafood. Currently, Long John Silver’s operates 700 restaurants across the United States and is striving to change its business model to cater to a growing number of flexitarian, vegetarian and vegan customers. The trial launch will allow the company to test customer response and opinions, helping the seafood chain prepare for a nationwide launch.

“We work with partners who share a vision of smarter fishing with less environmental impact, something we know is very important to Good Catch,” said Christopher Caudill, vice president of marketing at Long John Silver. “We are proud to have their herbal products on our menu to open our doors to a wider clientele who want to experience tasty seafood in a more sustainable way. “

Good Catch was born when chef brothers Derek and Chad Sarno realized they wanted to deliver delicious seafood without harming the oceans. The chef duo have developed a blend of six legumes to replicate the texture and taste of seafood, providing the market with one of the first plant-based seafood proteins. Following the brand’s initial success with its three flavors of vegan tuna, the company expanded to produce frozen entrees and appetizers alongside crab cakes and fish fillets.

The Sarno brothers also created the beloved British vegan brand, Wicked Kitchen. Previously, the vegan brand was only available from Tesco in the UK, but announced its expansion into the US market last week. The iconic plant-based brand offers several plant-based foods in each variety, from plant-based seafood to vegan snacks.

“The launch of Wicked Kitchen in the UK has received a really impressive response from consumers, and since then Tesco has expanded the line to over 100 products across the store,” the Sarno brothers said. VegNews. “We know that American consumers are limited in their herbal options currently available to them, but we also know that they haven’t had anything as delicious as what Wicked Kitchen offers, and we look forward to it. hear what they have to say about our products. “

Right now, plant-based customers in the United States can find the Sarno brothers’ plant-based seafood at Long John Silver’s Georgian and California. In Georgia, the test sites are located in Newnan [52 Bullsboro Drive] and Albany [1805 N. Slappey Drive]. For Californians, vegan seafood can be found in Bakersfield [3801 Mind Ave.], Sacramento [7228 Stockton Blvd.], and Clovis [406 W Shaw Ave.].

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