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Phagwara, June 8

The Patent Office, Government of India, granted a patent to researchers and scientists at Lovely Professional University for “a new double fermentation process for fruit flavored chocolate with antioxidant properties”.

The patent relates to an innovative method of processing cocoa beans using double fermentation to modify the flavor profile and the antioxidant property of cocoa beans. The innovative methodology of scientists at LPU may excite chocolate lovers, including children, adults and the elderly. Seeking to file the patent in other countries as well, the LPU has already filed a patent cooperation treaty for the same.

In the existing process, chocolate manufacturers use synthetic flavors to provide a fruity flavor to a chocolate. This is not considered to be good for your health, as it leads to serious health risks. To avoid such artificial flavors, LPU’s patented method is to add natural flavors. The antioxidants in cocoa have been linked to impressive health benefits, including decreased inflammation and reduced risk factors for heart disease. The new product will also have the potential to reduce the risk of developing overweight and obesity.

Commending LPU researchers for continuing to soak up the positivism, creativity and energy they possess even in today’s difficult times, LPU Chancellor Ashok Mittal called on all researchers to work on scientific ideas. new and socially useful.

LPU researcher from the School of Bioengineering and Biosciences, Dr Jastin Samuel shares: “In the process, the cocoa beans are first fermented and the natural aroma and flavor of the cocoa is obtained. It is then fermented using fruit pulp or the rind (peel) to add a fruit flavor to the chocolate. It helps add about 40 percent of natural antioxidants to cocoa beans. This method is cost effective because the industry does not need additional infrastructure to implement this process. In addition, it helps to improve the flavor and quality of the chocolates, which would certainly be easily acceptable and sympathetic to all customers. Dr Evangeline Christina and microbiology student Radhika Lakhanpal are also an integral part of the research team.

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