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Man charged with killing indicted Florida man

Edward Jennings Jr., a man from Pittsfield, was arraigned in Berkshire Superior Court on Thursday for murder and weapons after being charged with shooting a man on North Street last spring.

Jennings is accused of killing Florida native Lemond Grady outside the Family Dollar on North Street on the evening of April 20. Grady was taken to Berkshire Medical Center, where he died of his injuries. Activation of ShotSpotter and several 911 calls alerted police to the shooting in the 631 North Street area at around 6:18 p.m. Jennings, who police said matched the description given by witnesses, took off on foot and was arrested on Lincoln Street.

Jennings and Grady knew each other and had had an argument before the shoot.
At the time of his death, Grady had a case in district court in which he was accused of assaulting Jennings with a fire extinguisher and slicing his hand with a knife.

Police found Jennings with a handgun and wearing clothes that witnesses said matched the gunman’s clothing nearby on First and Orchard streets, authorities said. Police found two cartridge cases near the scene of the shooting.

Prosecutors reportedly said Grady violated a court order banning him from approaching Jennings the month before the shooting, and asked District Court Judge Jennifer Tyne to revoke Grady’s bail in the case of assault and asked prosecutors to ensure Jennings’ presence in court at a hearing. to reconsider the question four days later. Jennings did not show up in court and Grady remained on bail.

He pleaded not guilty Thursday before Judge Michael Callan to murder, illegal possession of firearms and carrying a loaded firearm without a license. He remains detained without bail.

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