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Many Super-Rich Pay Virtually No Income Tax, According to ProPublica | national

It’s true that the rich are different from you and me. Not only do they have more money, but many come from remarkably colorful backgrounds, with fierce passions and bizarre interests. Some have emerged from extraordinarily humble beginnings, emigrating from poor countries or having grown up in housing or an orphanage. To learn more about the richest people in the world, Stacker compiled net worth data from Forbes until March 26, 2021.

Many of the people on this list have used their intelligence and creativity to build giant tech empires, invent sophisticated online tools, turn small businesses into global conglomerates, grow a single store into a global retail chain, or transform a small investment in fortune. Others received their wealth by birth, given huge unearned holdings in manufacturing, luxury goods, shipping lines, tobacco, chocolates and cheese production.

Among the richest 100, a notable number made their fortunes in China, through commercial real estate, high-tech pharmaceuticals, e-commerce, vats of soy sauce or raising pigs. Others have played their cards in high finance with premonitory investments and lucrative hedge funds, while still others have drawn their wealth from the land, extracting oil, gas, gold and gold. nickel.

It’s not uncommon for the world’s richest people to be reclusive, commuting from one luxurious home to another in a private jet, protected by security walls and dark tinted glass windows. Others bask in the spotlight, looking for their next high-level conquest or sharing the lessons of their experiences with a passionate audience.

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