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McDonald’s Australia has dramatically increased its prices

McDonald’s Australia dramatically increases prices without NOTIFYING ANYONE; here’s how much your next meal will cost.

Some popular McDonald’s items have nearly doubled in price over the past three years.

In 2019 a Big Mac cost $5.65 and now costs $7.60, while the soft service costs 80c.

Inflation rose to 6.1% while wages only increased by 2.6%.

Australians blame McDonald’s for nearly tripling the price of popular menu items in response to rising inflation and production expenses.

An Australian went so far as to call the rate hike a ‘joke’ in a Reddit thread in which people discussed ‘subtle signals’ of a recession.

Even a soft-serve cone costs more now, according to a price comparison of items in 2019 and those currently advertised for sale in 2022.


Big Mac Burger – previously $5.65, now $7.50 – a 32% increase

Quarter Pounder Burger – was $5.65, now $7.60 – a 34% increase

Previously $5.50, the price of a McChicken burger is now $7.65, an increase of 39%.

Cheeseburger – was $3.15, now $4.70 – a 49 percent increase

Previously at $4.65, the double cheeseburger is now at $6.20, a 33% increase.

The price of a Double Quarter Pounder burger increased 34% from $7.35 to $9.90.

The price of the Filet-O-Fish burger increased by 35%, from $5.00 to $6.75.

6 Chicken McNuggets – formerly $7.30, now $7.90 – an 8% increase

Big Mac Medium Combo – was $9.90 and is now $12.85 – a 26% increase

McChicken Medium Combo – was $9.60, now $12.50 – a 30% increase

Cheeseburger Happy Meal was previously $5.30 and is now $6.45, an increase of 21%.

Soft Serve Cone – was $0.60, now $0.80 – a 33% increase

The origin of September 2022 McDonald’s Waterloo, Sydney, prices. March 2019 Pricing

The price of a Big Mac has gone from $5.65 in 2019 to $7.60 in 2020. Three years ago, a big lunch burger was $10.55, but now it’s $13.95. $.

In 2019, a Big Mac cost $7.60 compared to $5.65 in 2019. Three years ago, a large lunch burger cost $10.55, but now it costs $13.95.

The once-cheap Filet-O-Fish now costs $6.75, while the price of a plain cheeseburger has nearly doubled from $2.50 to $4.15.

In 2019, a pack of 20 McNuggets cost $12.40 and now costs $15.25, while a chicken wrap has increased by $2.45 from $2.50 to $4.95.

Even a soft serve cone, which once cost 60 cents, now costs 80 cents.

A large Coke cost $3.35 in 2019 and now costs $5.40, while the price of a large chocolate milkshake has increased by $1.90 from $4.45 to $6.35 .

Compared to 2019, parents now pay $1.15 more for a Happy Meal, which now costs $6.45.

In 2019, a pack of 20 McNuggets would cost $12.40 and is now $15.25, while a chicken wrap (pictured) has risen from $2.50 to $4.95, an increase of 2, $45.

Even a soft serve cone (left) that cost 60 cents in 2019 now costs 80 cents, while McNuggets (right) has in some cases increased its price by more than $2.

Under certain circumstances, franchisees are responsible for setting and changing prices for menu items, resulting in slight price variation between locations.

Richard Hill, owner of seven McDonald’s locations in Perth, Wash., attributed the price hike to rising inflation and production expenses.

In July he told PerthNow: ‘It’s the harshest climate I’ve ever seen, and I’ve been in the business for 40 years.

We pay twice as much for a piece of equipment than two years ago because the cost of international transport has increased considerably.

Last month, disgruntled McDonalds customers complained on social media that menu items such as the McChicken and Filet-O-Fish were shrinking in size.

Is Mc Donald’s Filet-O-Fish usually this small? I don’t remember he was so small and the size of a child? ! a consumer posted on Facebook.

A customer complained on Facebook about the size difference between a Filet-O-Fish and the restaurant’s McChicken and beef burger.

In the comments, foodies were eager to agree with the disgruntled consumer, with one saying burgers are now “very little”.

We consumed Big Macs last week. Not only have the buns shrunk, but the meat patties have also become transparent. It was like they cut them in half,” one member remarked.

Another replied: “Just like the quarter pounder, which got its name because it originally contained a quarter pounder of beef, but now it’s barely that.”

“Inflated prices, deflated goods,” added a third.

A spokeswoman said “the size of the burgers hasn’t changed.”

We are committed to providing our consumers with high quality, affordable burgers made with 100% RSPCA approved chicken and 100% Australian beef.

McDonald’s denies customer claims as spokesperson says ‘there have been no changes’ to outlet’s burgers

The cost of living problem and rising inflation rates in Australia have affected almost all living costs including petrol, groceries, fast food and electricity.

Over the past year, inflation has jumped 6.1%, leading to soaring food and energy prices, while incomes have risen only 2.6%.

Interest rates continued to rise in line with inflation, driving up monthly mortgage payments and energy costs.

The expiry of the lower fuel duty on September 28 will result in a 22 cents per liter (c/L) increase in the price of gasoline, which will be a burden on vehicle owners.

McDonalds has been contacted by Daily Mail Australia to comment on the price increase.

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