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Malaysian meatless care pack distributed to migrant workers and unemployed people around KL. – Photo via Facebook / MeatlessMalaysian

PETALING JAYA, June 15 – Zeeneeshri Ramadass of Meatless Malaysian handed out free sandwiches to those affected by last year’s first movement control order.

This time around, the KL woman is focused on feeding the unemployed and migrant workers in Kuala Lumpur with home-cooked vegetarian meals and food amid the national lockdown.

Talk to Malaysian courier, Zeeneeshri, founder of Meatless Malaysian, said that she and her mother cooked in their KL home, where strict hygiene protocols were observed, such as frequent hand washing and wearing face masks and frequent disinfection of the kitchen.

“A full meal is usually fried rice with vegetables and a fried egg or rice with a vegetable dish and a fried egg.

“Sometimes we give dessert but it depends on the day.”

“Food is given to the needy through delivery services such as Pickupp Hero, Lalamove and Ninjavan.”

The food supply, on the other hand, consisted of rice, cooking oil, eggs, vegetables and face masks which were also delivered to the needy via delivery services.

She added that it was important for migrant workers to be able to feed their families in the midst of these times of hardship.

“They (migrant workers) left their families to come to our country to earn a living.

“But without a job during the lockdown, they don’t get paid because there is no income for their employers when businesses are closed.

“They can’t go home and there is nothing else they can do here, and how sad not to know when you will have your next meal,” she said.

To get help, you had to fill out a WhatsApp form and attach your utility bills for verification.

All vegetarian meals and food supplies were delivered as requested and since the start of the third lockdown approximately 20 meals and 20 food supplies have been distributed daily.

Anyone interested in contributing to Malaysia’s Meatless Lockdown Initiative or in need of vegetarian food and food, please contact 010-901 6937.

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