Chocolate Industry

Monday Stat: Chocolate Craze – Gifts and Decorating Accessories

Often times, in times of stress, consumers are looking for anything that comforts them. And chocolate – and candy in general – offered a lot of comfort over the past year. According to the Statista research department, more than 268 million Americans consumed chocolate and other candies in 2020.

The COVID-19 pandemic is perhaps the most justifiable reason for U.S. consumers to turn to sugary products, with much of the country facing a variety of hardships, from financial hardship to loneliness to loss. of employment and the loss of a loved one. The good thing about chocolate, in particular, is that it contains compounds that scientists say make people happy. Scientific focus broke down the ingredients that induce joy: tryptophan is used by the brain to make serotonin, the neurotransmitter that can produce feelings of happiness; phenylethylalanine promotes feelings of attraction, arousal and nervousness and is associated with the initial feeling of falling in love; and theobromine is a stimulant that works with caffeine to produce a characteristic “high” that many people get after eating chocolate.

Among consumers surveyed for Gift Book 2022, a large portion of those surveyed said they plan to buy chocolate and candy as a gift within the next 12 months; 73 percent of Millennials, 72 percent of Generation X, and 68 percent of Baby Boomers. That’s a lot of chocolate and candy that retailers can give to customers. Based on summer markets and previews of what’s to come, here’s what consumers will look for in their snacks that make you happy.

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