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Monique Samuels went vegan by eliminating one food at a time

  • “Love & Marriage: DC” star Monique Samuels hosted a vegan dinner party in the second episode of the OWN series.
  • She’s been a vegan for five years and made the transition by cutting out one food at a time.
  • She didn’t fight when she slipped on her “journey”, and her family eventually joined her.

‘Love & Marriage: DC’ star Monique Samuels used to think vegans were “crazy,” but she pledged to join them at the start of the New Year five years ago.

Instead of eating cold turkey (plant-based), Samuels cut one food at a time from his diet. The process was slow. “I literally approached it as a journey,” she told Insider in a recent interview.

“What I’ve decided is that I’m going to start with what I eat the most and I’m going to take a year to eliminate that from my diet,” said the reality personality who rose to prominence for the first time in “The Real Housewives of the Potomac.” She started with chicken then pork.

Shortly after making the decision to go vegan, her family members embarked on their own journey. She invited them but did not force them.

POTOMAC, MD - JUNE 1: Monique Samuels, with her husband, former Redskin Chris Samuels, and their two children, Christopher, 5, and Milani, 2, have their family life and home featured on the show Bravo Real Housewives of Potomac television show.  2018. (Photo by Mike Morgan/For The Washington Post via Getty Images)

Monique Samuels and her family have gone vegan.

Photo Credit: (Photo by Mike Morgan/For The Washington Post via Getty Images)

“I talked to my husband, I talked to my kids. I just told them what I was doing. I said, ‘If you all want to go, you’re all welcome, but that’s what I’m ‘going to do,'” Samuels recalled. “After a few months, they finally joined me.”

Samuels noted that one of the benefits of choosing to go your own way by going vegan is “if you make a mistake, you don’t feel bad.” She started her journey in January and admitted slipping and eating a piece of chicken in July.

By the end of that summer, she had officially cut it completely. “I finally gave up chicken. When I tell you we ate chicken about four, five times a day,” she said, adding that it was a triumph after eating chicken “at every meal “.

In the end, she didn’t even want to eat chicken anymore.

“I didn’t even crave chicken anymore and I couldn’t believe it,” she said. “I was like, okay, I’m one of those crazy ‘I can’t eat meat’ people.”

Samuels’ veganism even became a plot point in this season of “Love & Marriage: DC.” During the second episode, she and her family invited their fellow cast members to try a vegan dinner. Even their castmates who joked about their distaste for vegan food enjoyed the meal.

The first season of “Love & Marriage: DC” is now streaming on Hulu. You can see the full vegan dinner in the second episode below.