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New York MilkLaunch Powered by VentureFuel Announces Winner of 2022 New York State Dairy Contest

BROOKLYN, NY— NY MilkLaunch, a dairy innovation accelerator focused on driving demand for dairy products among Gen Z consumers in New York State, has selected SPYLT as the winner of its second annual competition. SPYLT received $150,000 in support to scale its product to market.

Eight expert judges from leading food, beverage and venture capital organizations, including Kraft Heinz, Chobani, Giant Eagle, KeHE, UNFI and Apex Global, ranked the companies based on their uniqueness, taste, viability/scale and founding team. Additionally, more than 500 Gen Z consumers were surveyed via real-time search and data partner Perksy who rated the products they would buy. Together, these criteria resulted in the selection of the grand prize winner, SPYLT.

SPYLT offers a high-protein, low-sugar, creamy, dairy-based chocolate “energy drink” naturally loaded with essential nutrients like calcium, B vitamins, potassium, vitamin D, and protein. SPYLT not only focuses on high quality ingredients but is obsessed with the environment and that’s why it comes in a 12 oz aluminum foil. can because of its environmental benefits over plastic.

NY MilkLaunch is managed by leading business innovation consultancy VentureFuel in conjunction with the New York Dairy Promotion Order (DPO). The competition, which aims to fuel demand for dairy products among Gen Z (10-23 years old) gives each member of the cohort $10,000 to help them refine their offering and offers elite mentorship from global experts in marketing, packaging and distribution of companies such as Cayuga Milk Ingredients, Chobani, JPG Resources, KeHE, Perksy, Highlight and more. This year’s contest placed particular emphasis on sustainable innovations in traditional dairy products, including yogurt, fluid milk and butter, in addition to makeup, clothing, and more.

“Damn cow!!! This is amazing. I still can’t believe it. It was amazing to see all these different ideas and brands pushing innovation with dairy. What an amazing program that allowed me to to be part of the New York Dairy family,” said Josh Mendenhall, Founder and Chief Brand Officer of SPYLT. this high-protein, low-sugar, caffeinated chocolate milk. We’re just getting started.”

“We saw so many creative dairy ideas and new products that will energize Gen Z consumers that it was incredibly difficult for our judges to pick just one,” said Fred Schonenberg, founder and CEO of VentureFuel. “SPYLT offers true differentiation to capture a new dairy market that will drive additional demand for New York Dairy. SPYLT embraced our entire mentorship program by engaging and learning from each of our industry experts – it’s really cool how quickly they developed their product. Their future is very, very bright and we are proud to have them as winners. »

The other 5 finalists included:

  • True Scoops: shelf stable ice cream and topping mixes designed for the home user for a easier ice cream making experience – no ice cream maker required.
  • Mochidoki: top of the range mochi ice cream with elevated flavors, packaging and ingredients.
  • Elite Sweets: creators of a donut best for you it’s delicious, keto-friendly, low in sugar, gluten-free, and high in milk and egg protein.
  • Crème and Cocoa Creamery: born in Brooklyn, Caribbean-inspired ice creams and sorbets.
  • Shay from Novel Foods: a protein powder recycled from recycled cheese whey or whey from Greek yogurt, and reclaimed nitrogen from dairy farm waste, providing an excellent source of amino acids while reducing the environmental impact of the dairy and yogurt industry.

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